Craigslist PS2 slim comes roach-infested

I’ve heard of bugs in games before, but this is ridiculous!

GameTrailers user VictoriousOne might have called his Craigslist purchase of a PS2 Slim a victory if it hadn’t be infested with vermin. His PS2 Fat gave up the ghost, so he was pumped about his inexpensive replacement until it stopped working after a bit. When he opened it up to try to repair it, he found dead cockroaches, roach waste and roach eggs inside. He says that “eggs were all over the place.” Delicious.

Even with this disgusting find, VictoriousOne looks at the upside, and credits the hardware for lasting so long. He says that the PS2 was in continual use, as the previous owner said it was constantly being played until the Wii took over, which was two days before purchase. 

The pictures above are gross, but don’t account for the roaches that fell all over VO’s carpet. The unlucky gamer maintains that he has a clean house. “I guess it’s time to wash my hands and vacuum the fu*king carpet!” he says.

The moral of this story? Make sure that the people you buy from on Craigslist aren’t filthy.

Dale North