Crackdown producer hints at new download content specifics

Eurogamer recently talked it up with Crackdown producer Phil Wilson and believe it or not, some info about the game’s upcoming download content was revealed. Vague as these details may be, they are still better than nothing. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

* Flying vehicles are a possibility now that the existing engine is proven capable of handling “immense draw distances and rapid streaming”

* One of the new game modes is inspired by a co-op video that was posted online (credit will be given to the original creators)

* The option to reset gang bosses will be included in the free DLC

* A future update may allow for additional players to take part in co-op

Other questions answered in the interview include why Crackdown was such a short experience, the reasoning behind the lack of an intricate storyline, and how the Halo 3 beta program has affected the game. Now if only we could find out the actual release date for the DLC.

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