Crackdown gets an update; notice a difference?

Because I’ve basically been on the road for what seems like a month now (it might literally be more than a month), I haven’t really had time to check out some of the new updates for my most favorite games and such. The latest update that is near and dear to my heart is the most recent fix for Crackdown (you know, that game that rocks my tire-shooting world). According to Major Nelson, here’s what got patched up:

Next time your pop your Crackdown disc in (and you are connected to Xbox Live) you’ll get prompted for a title update. According to what I am told, The update ‘addresses several minor technical issues to ensure a smoother online gameplay experience’  and ‘increases the number of ambient gang vehicles that populate Pacific City.’ That last one should held with the ‘Repo Man’ achievement. 

Anyone here tried it yet? Problems, concerns, praises? 

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