Crackdown 2: You know it’s coming, so what would you want changed?

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Realtime Worlds senior designer Stephen Iannetta is already talking Crackdown 2 and mentioned so in a recent interview with CVG. Take a look:

“We’ve learnt some lessons and if we did do Crackdown 2… I’d love to see it happen,” he said.

“I think again it comes to how you can really choose how you approach the missions, and I’d really like to turn the contrast up on that. I’d really like to look at giving the players so many options at how they can do it.”

Crackdown — despite the occasional slowdown and lag spike online — is pretty much all-around awesome. But, there are certainly some areas that could be vastly improved. For instance, the game is just begging for an MMO-style makeover — it’s already like a grounded City of Heroes on steroids. But what are your thoughts on the possibility of a sequel? What would you want changed or added?

And if someone mentions that you want an invite to the Halo 4 beta with Crackdown 2, then Nex will come to your house and kill your children. 

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