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RGB LED all the things

This is the third part of a Computex series. Check out the Bulldog, Lapdog, and custom cases. It's hard to show you what RGB-lit gaming peripheral look like without putting together an obnoxious video of still objects with the obligatory upbeat techno music, so I took over over 100 photos of steel and lights instead. Enjoy!

You’re probably already familiar with the CORSAIR memory line, and that's what headlined its "Build it Better" showcase. At Computex I saw two new DDR4 kits, the Vengeance LED and a limited-edition version, the Dominator Platinum, both pictured below:

CORSAIR is trying to differentiate itself with both style and substance: it demonstrated an alpha build of software that controls the LEDs on the memory chips without the use of additional cables, as well as showing the RAM clocking in at 4,333MHz (based on Samsung ICs). The DRAM available in Chrome and Brushed Aluminum this Q3 in limited quantities. I've never heard of a DRAM chip's lighting being controlled by the bus. That's insane. Not sure if every motherboard will support this as it's surely tricky to pull off.


Also available in red:

Also exclusive to this show were a new line of magnetic levitating cooling fans, which use levitation-bearing technology to push a lot of air with less friction and noise. We’ve all seen LED fans before, but these are slightly different in that the integrated lighting radiates from the middle, allowing a slight graduation on the blades for an almost water-like fluid color change. The CORSAIR ML PRO and LED versions aren’t for sale yet, but they’ll be around in Q3. 

The lust objects in the room

CORSAIR partnered with MSI to create the new Hydro GFX GeForce GTX 1080. Unlike most retail 1080s, this one is unique in that it has a self-enclosed liquid cooling/radiator. Here's what the card's radiator combo looks like. 

If you've ever bought one of these big-ass cards you know how loud they are. The liquid cooling definitely helps with that, and also helps the card boost clock frequencies for longer, whereas a normal fan and heat sink might see a higher gradual dip of peak performance after it’s been running for a bit. I'm not terribly big into the overclocking scene, so you'll have to read up on MSI's voltage and custom bios if you're wanting to squeeze more juice out of it. What does appeal to me is how easy it would be to install this thing without having to maintain a full liquid cooled system. Here's a closer look at the MSI card hookups:

Mechanical RGB Keyboard Heaven

A few of us Destructoid editors, who suffer many hours behind our keyboards, are very into the Rapid Fire line. The sales material can have a bullet point like "You could smash in someone's face in with it and go right back to playing." You can't nudge these things. They've heavy and made of steel, and you can pull off all the keys and put it back together for easy maintenance.

But seriously, the 1.2mm actuation is kind of a big deal for gamers trying to stack every technological boost. Featuring Cherry MX mechanical gaming keys come in varying speed, feedback, noise, and speed: from 2.0mm to 1.2mm. Imagine sticking your boss's tongue under this and firmly typing:

Can you perceive the difference between 1.2 and 2.0 by standing there and typing? Of course not. But mapped over time that stuff adds up when you're spamming thousands of spells and grenades over a weekend instead of visiting your parents who dearly miss you.

For the premium price you're paying for every click to register, anti-ghosting, and macro keys. Even on their value line there's this long sliver of faint white light on the sides, presumably to help in low-lighting conditions, but mostly it's for understated cool. The higher-end keyboards have an industrial metal volume roller on the top right. Love that.

Similar over-engineering was applied to their aluminum-framed unibody mouse line, the M65 PRO RGB. RGB all the things! There are three zones on the mouse that can be adjusted to any color you like. I'm also digging the contoured design, eight programmable buttons, and the "snipe button" that I'm told lets you adjust the 12,000 DPI on the fly. I also got to play with the Scimitar RGB line, which have 12 mechanical side buttons for the MMO hardcore.

Steel and Lights

The consistent thread of this product line is that you can punish these things for hours a day and they're going to take the abuse. Even headsets, which as an industry are known to be categorically frail, seem over-engineered by these guys. Notice the reinforced metal holding the ear cup -- that's one piece of shaped metal. The rep explained: "We asked everyone where their headsets break, so we went through the trouble of shaping a single piece of metal in that part and reinforced more metal on top of that." It didn't feel that much heavier than the plasticky Beats I have at home.

The VOID series also have this feature called InfoMic that lets you see when your mic is mute from an LED on the red tip. No more "are you there?" moments when you forgot you were muted. See?

Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!

After a day of playing with this stuff the difference between CORSAIR and a lot of other "gamer peripheral" brands is that you're not paying a premium for a bunch of wacky angles to appease gamers. This stuff is going to last you years.

Of course, that sort of build quality comes at a premium. My rep says: "Let's say your boss decides to give you a raise, and you've got five grand on an insanely powerful computer," pointing to a very shiny metal computer with two liquid cooled 1080s. "Well, there you go." Considering the premium pricing for this stuff that's a sober way to put it.

I've surely forgotten something, so if you're curious, more info is on the CORSAIR website. If you've got the money, honey, they've got your disease.

[Disclosure: Travel was provided by CORSAIR. No gifts or an exchange of products, peripherals, advertising, Pokemans, etc, or any other sort of direct/indirect compensation was provided by the company.]

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