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Cooperative puzzle game Death Squared coming in 2017


Playable at PAX

[He already has one promoted news item under his belt, but please officially welcome Dennis Carden (Nekro) to the front page, who will be helping us with coverage! - Chris]

I’m going to be perfectly honest; I don’t have too many friends. At least, I don’t have many that I deem to be disposable. It normally isn't much of a problem, but I can't help thinking otherwise when I see games like SMG Studios’ cooperative puzzler, Death Squared.

Death Squared is about a handful of player-controlled bots who must partake in jolly cooperation as they solve various puzzles in order to avoid a series of deadly traps. This will require the players to learn to communicate with one another efficiently in order to ensure mutual survival, although the developers have stated that there's also an element of trial and error. For those who perceive their friendships to be too valuable to destroy over a puzzle game, a single-player mode is also going to be made available, although SMG Studios does admit that its game is intended first and foremost as a multiplayer game.

Death Squared was previously announced for PC, but the Sydney-based SMG Studios has recently confirmed that an Xbox One port is also in the works. It is tentatively scheduled for release in Q1 2017. Feel free to check out the trailer.

Attendees of PAX West will be able to preview Death Squared over at the SMG Studios booth (6215).

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