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Contest: Win Mirror's Edge 'Time Trial' codes and soundtrack CDs

2008-11-04 15:58:00  ยท  Nick Chester

If you're a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 owner, no doubt you've played the Mirror's Edge demo. If not, go download it -- it contains two playable single-player areas, and it's free!

What's not included is an unlocked "Time Trial" mode; to get that, you can pre-order the game from your favorite retailer. Better yet, why not just win one at Destructoid? Electronic Arts has given us 15 codes to unlock "Time Trial" (works for 360 or PS3 sorry, only for 360), in addition to 10 Mirror's Edge soundtrack CDs. 

How do you win? Simply take a picture of yourself doing something "edgy" in a mirror and post it in the comments section of this story. What qualifies as "edgy"? You show us. Winners will be chosen at random, with the first 10 receiving keys AND the soundtrack CD, and the remaining five receiving codes via email. 

We'll be accepting entries through Thursday at 11:59 p.m. EST, so get to taking some edgy pictures you edgy videogame playing hipster.

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