Contest: Win autographed Supreme Commander posters

The friendly folks at Gas Powered Games were nice enough to give us some free things and we want to pass them on to you. In our possession we have two autographed Supreme Commander posters. I won’t lie to you; if you’re a Supreme Commander fan then these posters are cool enough to warrant drooling over in the first place, but when they’re signed by the development team at Gas Powered Games they’re even more drool worthy. Seriously, look at them. They’re frickin’ sweet even if you have no idea what Supreme Commander is at all.

What do you have to do for these two pieces of badassness? Well, Supreme Commander is all about the crazy vehicles (what they call Experimentals) so we want you to come up with your most “experimental” vehicle possible. It’s up to you to really decide what that means and how you want to present it to us (text, video, picture). The winner gets both posters, and because we’re feeling nice, a limited edition copy of Demigod to boot.

Contest starts now and will end on Sunday at 11:59PM CST. Open to US residents only. Get your vehicles rolling.

Update: HammerShark is our winner! Humping a laundry basket has to get you somewhere in life.

Matthew Razak