Contest: Win a Cities XL beta key!!

Cities XL

beta key giveaway madness continues! We have 50 more to hand out to luck winners. Here are the rules, so pay attention:

  • Make sure you’re following Destructoid on Twitter. You can find us here
  • Leave a comment in this post with the text “I want a Cities XL beta key @Your_Twitter_Name (example: “I want a Cities XL beta key @nickchester”)
  • Do not, for the love of all things holy, reply to us on Twitter. Please read the above step again.
  • Once the first 50 reply, we will direct message you a beta key via Twitter. If you are not following Destructoid on Twitter, we will not be able to send you the key. So please see step number one again.

This will go on until we’re our of keys for the day, but don’t despair if you’re not one of the lucky few — we have a few more to give away over the next few days. Good luck!

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