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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid
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Contest: The Heavenly Sword letter opener - Aerox Wins!

2007-10-01 13:03:00·  3 minute read   ·  Papa Niero

The staff at Destructoid realizes that some of you may just have digested a meal, so we will spare you from posting the winner of the Heavenly Sword Redhead babe of death contest we ran last week.  We challenged our readers to find the ugliest, most knocked-up woman possible that would be suitable for the kind of warfare that Nariko might undertake in the sequel... and we've had trouble sleeping since. If you're a brave soul, hit the comments to view the entries.  The winner of the sweet letter opener pictured above goes to comment #89 by Aerox.  Close seconds were 31, 2, and 71. The guy with the legitimate boobs and random body hair was certainly the most notable. You know, it's times like this when we must marvel at the knowledge made possible by the internet(s!).

I'd also like to announce that our PlayStation 3 contest drawing is tonight!  Please make sure your ballots are accurately represented in our reconcile tally.  We'll be spending the night drinking creating the paper ballots and will video the drawing.  Good luck!  If you don't win this time we will be announcing another console contest very shortly as well as our Halloween promotion.  Anyone dressing up as Mr. Destructoid to scare the chilluns, by chance?  It's about the only day of the year that I can go out in a bucket head and blend in, so I'm looking forward to it.  Miami's a fun place for shenanigans.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank everyone that downloaded our Bomberman character last week. We know it didn't go without a hitch -- there's a bug where you can play as Dtoid but saving the character is not possible unless you have the other pack installed. Needless to say a small patch is already in the works, no need to purchase anything additional.  As soon as that's all working properly we'll let you know!  It's a good thing we didn't release anything on the Wii (zing!).

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Original post:

First, a matter of business. Congratulations to Nimic, who won our Lair Reviewer's Guide after pointing out that the game's botched controls were the result of a dragon-proof lolcat. Special thanks to Volcannon, who pointed out that page seven is full of filler text.  Just goes to show -- neither we nor 1UP reported that because, well, neither of us actually read it. But it was pretty, though!

Onwards to our next Sony press giveaway. Heavenly swag, isn't it?  Sony sent us this pint-sized replica of the Heavenly Sword along with the game's press kit. As tempting as it is to keep it handy at the house to behead small animals, we are passing this rarity along to a dear reader.  How does one win it?  I'm looking for a SWF photo of the ugliest red-headed woman you can find.  Her hair must be fiery red like Nariko's ... that's the only rule. CarrotTop submissions are appreciated, but not eligible for the grand prize.  We will announce the winner along with our PS3 giveaway in October. So get posting! Use BBcode to display your photo entry in the comments below.

Oh, and look how time flies! We are also just seven hours away from my announcement about that ominous announcement at Destructoid on the 18th.  The story goes up at midnight tonight. Oh, but what could it be?



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