Contest Reminder: Win PC gaming goods for the best alternative K&M photos

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Due the flood of emails we’ve received with questions about how to participate in this contest, we’ve decided to simply it.  Ok, here’s the deal — Destructoid scored some cool Ideazon gaming accessories (pictured in the gallery below) and we are giving them all away to 3 silly people. These are from the same people that made the Wow Burning Crusade Zboard you might have seen in our CES 07 coverage.

How to pry these from our cold dead robot hands (rules)

Send in a photo of a creative alternative for a keyboard and mouse, as illustrated by our Mac & Cheese / Soap-headphone gaming rig shown above. Use whatever you think is most creative: cats, watermelons, organs in jars, etc. Basically, come up with some alternative version of a keyboard and mouse that’s funny and post it in the comments below. If you cannot send in a photo, you suck. But! You can use Photoshop to create your entry.  Due to the extreme advantage that gives you, we are limiting Photoshopped entries to second and third prizes only.  Good luck!

Three winners will find the following arriving at their doorsteps

First place will get the MERC Gaming keyboard, a Reaper gaming mouse, and a Fragmat pad.  Second place gets a Fang Gamepad, and third place gets a gamer mouse and mouse mat as well. Want more details?  Check out the sponsor’s site for the deets. These are high DPI sturdy goods, not your plastic Dell crap. Let’s see some strangeness and creativity! Dogs and cats living together!

Be sure to embed your entries in the comments using BBCode. If for some reason you can’t do that, just send me an email at brad [at] You’ve got one more weekend to pwn this gear, so get it done!

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