Contest reminder: Win Devil May Cry 4 PC and Age of Booty!

Arggh! In case you missed it while sailing the open seas, we’re running a contest to find an honest pirate who will win a copy of Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 for the PC. Capcom have also decided to sweeten the pot, and is throwing in a download code for the upcoming pirate-themed Age of Booty!

Arggh! Winning is easy: dress up like a pirate, go shopping, and submit photographic evidence in the comments of our original announcement. Alternately, you can not leave your house at all, and can dress up like a Devil May Cry character who is dressed up like a pirate. Two ways to win, people — could we make it any easier? (OK, we could … and we might, depending on the response.)

Oh, and to win that Age of Booty download code, you simply need to be thinking about Age of Booty when you get your picture taken. Entries will be accepted through Friday, August 8.

Anyone (anywhere!) is elligible to win, excluding Capcom employees. Sorry, Seth

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