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Contest: Last call for Mirror's Edge Stash Points contests, hints enclosed!

2008-12-09 20:54:00·  2 minute read   ·  Papa Niero

Definitely one of the coolest contests in Destructoid history, our Mirror's Edge Stash Points sweepstakes (check for winner updates here) comes to a close this Friday night.  There are still a staggerring 50 free copies of the game unclaimed so here's your last chance to get them.  Unfortunately some custodian teams have started ripping down the stash points so your odds grow slimmer with each passing moment. 

Hit the jump for hints on where the last ones stand!

Arizona State - Near overpriced coffee and another near the rotunda

U of Arkansas - In an empty object, also name of a movie.  Another on a light post

U of Colorado - Mr. Wizard can host 400 fans here.  Another near engineers

Duke - Von Kaboom!  Or another one near quiet worms

U of Florida - Putting on the Ritz!

U of Georgia - WTF is Archie's or a brick column near Tate's

Indiana U - Business lunch. Also, sounds like Twain.

U of Iowa - 2nd floor of something with a Q or under Schaffer

U of Kansas - It's underground.  The inspector's partner has the other

Kansas State - 24 hours sounds like hell.  Also, Salsaritas

U of Kentucky - Three whites. Also, science obelisk.

Michigan State - Lounge. Also, dewey decimal system.

U of North Carolina. - Howl at the posters.  Also, Hamilton did that.

Oklahoma State - Make stuff. Also, read stuff.

USC - Opposite of Glue Alley?  Also, rhymes with KFC.

U of Texas-Austin - Go outside for moar. Also, get me some fash cash before the game.

U of Utah - It's as easy as 2 3 4 if you're in the Union. 

U of Wisconsin - I'll give you a break since you got listed last :)  One is in the Wisconsin Science Halland the other is inside the bookstore entrance hallway -- solo but discreet, yet noticable from a distance.

Good luck!




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