Contest: Don’t steal Devil May Cry 4 for the PC … win it! (Update)

Capcom’s Chrstian Svensson recently blamed lackluster sales of Devil May Cry 4 for the PC on piracy. Our thoughts? We’re tired of pirates getting such a bad rep. 

With that, we want to give away one copy of the PC version of Devil May Cry 4 to a lucky reader who can prove to Capcom that pirates aren’t all that bad. How will you do that? Simple: dress up like a pirate and take a picture of yourself buying something in a store of your choice. GameStop, the Dollar Tree, McDonalds, your choice … we need picture proof that pirates aren’t as nasty as people make them out to be.

Not into public humiliation, you say? We don’t get it, but we’ll play along: dress up like a character from Devil May Cry dressed up like a pirate instead!

To repeat, two ways to win: 1) dress up like a pirate and go shopping or 2) dress up like a Devil May Cry character dressed up like a pirate. Photo submissions should be made in the comments, and must be posted by Friday, August 8!

Good luck and “arghhhh!”

[Update: Capcom’s community god Seth Killian is upping the ante in this already awesome contest. He’ll be throwing in a download code for Capcom’s upcoming Age of Booty (formerly known as Plunder) to any entrant who “even thinks about” the pirate-themed title. 

“Remember, if the winner does not think about the game during the exploit, all bets are off!” he tells us. 

So get to it … start thinking!]


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