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Can't remember your password? There's no separate password reset page - just try to login using any password and your email address (try a few) and we will automagically send you a reset link. Check your spam folders.

Getting warped around to and old/dupe account? You probably have 2 more accounts. Logout/Login with a bad password on every old email address you can think of, and then check your spam folders for our reset links. Come back to this page to rename your dupe username/email.

Still need help? You are the 1%! We're [email protected]

Pitch a news story

For reviews, travel, serious business:

Don't email one person directly, as they may be traveling. We travel quite a bit. To contact our seniors, please email EIC @ DESTRUCTOID.

For news: use a great subject line to stand out and contact:
[email protected]

Of course, you can also blog about it yourself as long as it is of personal interest to you -- your blog will be deleted if we think you're just on here trying to make a sale. Gamers are the canniest internet crowd, so be on point.

Developer blogs are encouraged but drive-by Kickstarter promoters will be removed without warning. This is a gaming community, not a free classifieds board. Here's some common sense advice if you're halfway thinking about being spammy. Be chill

Licensing, Permissions and Reprints

For DMCA takedowns please email EIC @ DESTRUCTOID.

For authorization for a quote on your retail packaging, tv, or game trailer

We don't mind being quoted as long as its a retweet, on your blog, on your Steam page, or something informal like that, go nuts. If you want to plaster our logo all over your sales materials and put us on ads that take one sentence out of our 3000 word review to endorse your product out of context -- please contact us. Generally that falls under licensing. We're not trying to be difficult or stingy, but c'mon. We're not show ponies, and even show ponies like fair use.

For all licensing, permissions and reprint requests please contact our official partner, Wright’s Media for more information. Please note that Wright's Media is the only authorized company that we’ve partnered with for materials and assets. Wright's Media contact: [email protected] or (877) 652-5295.

Physical mailing address

(but please contact us before you send review copies)
c/o: destructoid Editors
(or) Your favorite editor
548 Market Street #59757
San Francisco, CA 94104 USA


Here's a recent 30 day snapshot (2016), as tracked by our third-party CDN, Cloudflare.

Other nerdy stats: We get around 50,000 comments and thousands of community quickposts/blogs a month, we host about 200k accounts, serving a combined ~2.9 million pages (as per googlebot/applebot/bing/yandex). Fun fact: Two of our editors have broken 10,000 articles written in 10 years! #beasts. We were founded in 2006 and are still family owned.


Is something factually inaccurate on the home page? Get in touch asap to our proof team and we'll patch it as soon as humanly possible. Note that this does not reach the editor or management.

Does something, in your professional opinion, suck? You can send a letter to the editor but we'd much rather you posted about it so we can discuss it at large.

Is something that already exists broken or not working exactly as you'd expect? Please email our engineering horses: support team

Do you have an idea on how to make the web site better? Its best to post your idea so the rest of the community can weigh in on the idea. We prioritize fixes based on what will make our readers most happy, so we do encourage you to get people behind your idea (but please don't astroturf drama)

Contests and Community

FAQ: Who owns your community blog?

You do, of course! You own all of your community blogs and posts, and Destructoid licenses them under: creative commons with attribution. We make nightly on-site and off-site backups, but in the case of a nuclear meltdown please make your own local backups so you can sleep better.

Want to give something away, or did you win something in a contest and never get notified? Please get in touch with our community team

Content takedowns

Just shoot us an informal email and we'll take it down as soon as humanly possible. We take intellectual property concerns very seriously - but please understand that there is a metric f--kton of community uploading going on and we can't catch everything. If you send us a letter from your lawyer a fluffy kitten will get diarrhea somewhere and it will be on you, man.

If you spammed our site and Google is now penalizing your SEO and want us to take that link down ... NOPE! Enjoy your Google penalty. No seriously, we will never remove it and we don't want your money. #Sucks2BU.biz #karmaisreal.edu

If you're cleaning up your social footprint why not completely change the identity on all your posts instead?

For all other stuff, just shoot an email from the address on the account over to community team. You must be able to reply from that account to remove content.

Goodbyes are sad - please don't kill the party instead of employing the Irish strategy on the way out. Also works great in real life!


Orders from the Destructoid Store is hosted and managed by Stack Commerce. You can get support on your order by emailing Stack Social with your order number. You can also chat directly with Customer Support from 9am - 6pm PST.

Legacy Ad-Free / Huge Subscriptions

For ad-free memberships (like a subscription from TinyPass): are actually managed by a third party and you can do it yourself. Just login and create an inquiry to get a refund asap.

If you paid with Paypal and didn't get auto-renewed, login to Tinypass and click on "My History" to see why. We only try your account once, so if it failed for whatever reason you'll have to sign-up again from scratch.

General Support

Did someone do something naughty, like spam or ugly comments? Does a feature of the site not work? Reach us directly at Support Line. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Common Sense.

Site Bugs

Get in touch at [email protected]. Please include screenshots, urls, and if advertising related where you are located.


Destructoid does not accept any in-house direct advertising, we don't accept sponsored articles, we will not let you buy a text link, and if you're even remotely associated with gambling don't even waste your time, we'll block you. All ads must be purchased through third parties. Church and state!

Where to buy ads: Look for us on the ad exchanges within DFP. Please note that our Comscore is currently under "Women's Lifestyle" because of our previous traffic assignment (Martini/Crave - our old ad agency) and does not reflect our current traffic.


Is anything in your writing portfolio funny or self deprecating? No? You can't work here. *slams door*

Check out the ModernMethod Website for job postings. If you don't see any then we're not hiring probably ;) Still, it doesn't hurt to send us your resume. We don't care where you went to school or what writing degree you Googled your way through: send us original writing samples, preferably links to your personal blog or published work.

Generally speaking, we prefer to offer gigs and internships to well-liked people within our community. If you send a resume and you don't have a decent Destructoid Profile its like the equivalent to showing up at an interview in your underwear. It sounds very insular, but we're pretty serious about who we work for at the end of the day: our readers! How can you lead the home page if you've never done your time in the trenches? You must have a Destructoid profile to apply. We don't care if you're the prince of Dishwalla.

Contact a specific Editor

We have a Staff Page but if it's business related you're way, way better off emailing the group they are in, because we travel a lot. Otherwise just stalk them on twitter and send them a DM or something.

Product reviews and Junkets

Please DO send press releases and products to our contact email. Do mail review copies to the address above. Anything sent with a return postage will be promptly sent back after review, otherwise we'll assume it becomes niece property by way of cool bro-aunties.

Otherwise ... don't contact us, we'll contact you: it's in everyone's best interest that our staff chooses the products we think will best interest our readers ( for these reasons )

Ethics, Parties, and Acquaintances

Andrew WK disclosure: Destructoid parties hard with the video game industry. We get that this concept is upsetting to people who think that journalists should be locked in ivory towers like princesses, but we do have to leave the house and have solid, sometimes boozy awkward human relationships to do this type of work. That said, we make every effort to have people review games who were nowhere near said events so we can continue to have enjoyable jobs with party perks, because the Lord and our banker knows we're definitely not doing this for the money.

But seriously, we really care about transparency because we get the whole distrust in media thing. We investigated the magazines and websites that came before us, and so we understand that you should rightfully be investigating us. Go at it! We welcome it and we think we do it better than anyone else -- I don't think you'll find another media publication who completely outsources ad sales and has a wholly independent editorial team who gives 3 fucks about who buys ads, and we prefer to be member-supported anyway. Pissing excellence.

Regarding press events and "junkets": We'd be happy to attend your event, but we will never deliver a review on the spot at your event - forget about it, please don't ask, end of story. Our readers want us testing stuff in our homes on the same type of equipment they would use, not a controlled environment or after doing shots with Jay-Z. We hope that alleviates future awkward conversations.

High res logos and press

There's a giant Destructoid logo at the bottom of this page for your convenience. For additional logos try our company's web site: ModernMethod.com or our ftp.

Contact the Founder

You can reach Niero by email. Weird subject lines work best , unless you're asking him for a job or an invite to one of our parties, in which you won't get a reply (please refer to Irish method above).


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Silver Luso

Tracy Chapman really taps into my depression well


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden People never make the easy joke here and I respect I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition


In Australia, we have an ice cream called Golden People never make the easy joke here and I respect I was kind of hoping that would happen with the Japanese tuition

Jed Whitaker

Remember kids, if you play games with bad balance or mechanics, you should put in 30-50 hours in hopes of getting good at the game, otherwise you aren’t allowed an opinion on said


GOG code for Alan Wakes American Nightmare in the comments ;)


Dr Who this week in a single image pretty Ive not seen the show go this dark for a long time


My opinion has never fallen as quickly as it has with Hollow I was already having enough trouble with a boss, plus it was annoying to reach, now I find out it has multiple phases? So on top of backtracking, I have to repeat a boss too?


Just got home from my best buds Was pretty great when people werent trying to get me to drink or


My computer put me through the ringer It wasnt recognizing my monitor, then when we finally got it to do that, it decided that my resolution was obviously too high and wouldnt go Now it has audio problems and Im too tired to care