Comparing stuff: Original GoW games vs. GoW Collection

For those of you, like myself, who have never played any of the God of War games (waits for shouts of anger to stop) the GoW Collection is a godsend. Here we have both classic games running on the PS3 with supposedly better graphics and a 720p presentation at 60fps. I knew this was coming, that’s why I didn’t play them before. But how can we be sure if the graphics are really that much better unless we compare them? There’s just no way.

Thank goodness for the guys at Bitmob, who evidently have a lot of time on their hands as they spent 16 hours collecting 14,000 screens in order to deliver a side by side comparison of the original games and the new collection. What was the final outcome? The  new one is better looking than the old one! Shocking, I know. It’s pretty clear that the texture upping and improvement to 720p has greatly improved the look of the game. For me, picking this up after I get a PS3 for the holidays (gifts are always gladly accepted) is a no brainer, but what about all of you who have already played through the games? Is the graphical reboot enough to make you purchase them again?

Matthew Razak