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oil-panic.jpg A few weeks ago we featured a massive look back at the original Nintendo handheld system, The Game and Watch. These were a loosely related suite of consoles from the early 80's that played a single digital game, much like those annoying Tiger LTD toys of the 90's. The Game & Watch were made in a variety of shapes and sizes, including one model that looks strikingly like the DS Lite. Recognizing this, Nintendo of Japan released the three flagship games from these systems as a single cartridge on the Nintendo DS in a rare feat of nostalgia. (Sorry - Japan only. I assure you this would tank harder than Daikatana if it came to The States). oil-and-panic-original.jpg So how do they look side by side their original counterparts? We found a few photos of the import across the web and matched them up to actual Game & Watch systems listed on ebay. I'm really impressed that they've even accurately recreated sprite placeholders on the DS, which was a technical limitation on the crystal displays that lightly revealed all possible sprite locations when held at a certain angle. View two more comparisons: game and watch ds green house.jpg 0621_tv0621_gw_03.jpg donkey kong game and watch ds.jpg 13.jpg Now, you would think that these Game & Watch systems would be expensive, rare, and extremely valuable. Nothing could be further from the truth - they are built like tanks so there are millions stuck circulating in used game aftermarkets with low demand. For example, you can find hundreds of them up on ebay for an average of $15-$30 each. They aren't much fun by today's standards, but you may want to pick one up at some point for added hardcore points. For more original game and watch photos, click here to view our massive comparitive feature. We must warn you though - viewing this content may result in days on end poking around on eBay and watching your money slowly disappear one mini-console at a time.

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