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I asked the nice scary folks over at the Communicord to give their recommendations for what to pick up in the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. Here are their responses and very short justifications why. None of the people mentioned in this blog should be getting any money from using these links... unless they've recommended their own games or work for Valve? In which case, where's Left for Dead 3?

Of course, remember that these are all just suggestions and given in more or less chronological order.

Unrest ($1.49, 1.19€)

Dwavenhobble says:

"A choose your own adventure where it's very open ended, so much so you can have character die and still carry on the story (heck sometimes it might even cause a better ending by dying a martyr)"

And Dwavenhobble has also written a far longer cblog review.

Detective Grimoire ($1.39€)

Dwavenhobble says:

"SFB games (Makers of Snipper Clips and the Nintendo Switch [sic]) it's a fairly easy 3 hour point and click adventure with lovely animation"

And Dwavenhobble's reviewed this one, as well.

Twilight Struggle ($7.49€)

Amna Umen says:

"please, someone play this with me

one of the best board games I've ever played and it's an actual well done adaptation"

High ranking on Boardgamegeek, indeed. 

Eldritch ($1.49, 1.19€)

Matt (Carp) says:

"Usually $15, on sale for $1.50. "

"Really fun game."

Ys Origin ($5.99, 4.79€)

Kerrik52 says:

"This is the chronological start of the amazing action RPG series Ys. It's very fast and houses some awesome music. There's three characters to play and it shows everything the series excels at."

Destructoid's review of the PS4 version is here.

Nation Red ($0.79€)

Flegma says:

"My go-to "twinstick" on PC, even if I play it with mouse + keyboard as it was designed to. It's got a demo, too."


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