Comic-Con 08: New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer is a let down

When I saw the debut teaser for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion during E3, I got pretty excited. The teaser said that we’d be able to fuse Marvel’s greatest heroes powers together. As it turns out, Activision meant something completely different from what people were probably expecting.

All of the attacks shown in the trailer have nothing to do with fusion. What’s really happening is “team attack”. THE HULK PICKING UP WOLVERINE, SPINNING HIM AROUND AND THEN THROWING HIM IS NOT FUSION. Now the Hulk receiving Wolverine’s claws (albeit pretty pointless) would be fusion. 

When I think fusion, I think of Dragon Ball Z where Goku and Vegeta become one body (this is where I would link to a clip of said fusion except everything on YouTube related to DBZ is a sh*tty AMV set to Linkin Park). Hell, even the Fantastic Four 2 movie had a fusion deal at the end where the Human Torch absorbed Mr. Fantastic and The Things powers to confront Dr. Doom.

Ugh. I’m going to go fuse a knife into my eyes now. 

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