Comic-Con 08: Microsoft will ‘explore’ the Halo universe, not ‘exploit’ it

Eurogamer had a little chat with Microsoft Game Studios’ Frank O’Connor at Comic-Con 08 and got some choice quotes about the direction Microsoft wants to take the Halo franchise in.

“We have a really detailed story bible, we do really have it all planned out. There are so many areas of the universe to explore, the real challenge is picking which is the most exciting area for people.”

He’s got a point there; how many Halo books are there nowadays? On the other hand, just because there’s ample source material, that doesn’t necessarily mean the world needs twenty games to fully explain it.

Frank goes on to say that “we have a well defined, carefully orchestrated, properly planned universe to explore not exploit, and that’s the tricky part: what are the things people want to do?”

With 3 seperate Halo games in development, I find it hard to believe that the series won’t be exploited. Then again, if the games are good enough to please the fans, you won’t see me starting up an Internet petition.

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