Comic-Con 08: Marvel hints at a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. THAT’S SO PRINGLES!

Kevin Feige, President of Production at Marvel Studios, has reopened the doors to the possibility of a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. When asked if a new Marvel vs. Capcom game would ever be made during Comic-Con 08, Kevin responded by saying, “Yes. And maybe sooner than you think.”
Seeing as how we’ll never get Tatsunoko vs. Cacpom: Cross Generation here in America, IGN thinks that the possible new Marvel vs Capcom game could use the Tatsunoko vs Capcom game engine. As cool as that would be, I think the cartoon style from the last two games would fit better with the Marvel-verse. 
Whatever the style, just hearing of the possibilities of a new MvC game has made my day. Hopefully, Capcom or Marvel will send the official word on this soon. Also, CURLEH MUSTACHE!
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