Comic-Con 08: Could there be a ‘HaloCon’ in the future?

Recently, Eurogamer had a chance to speak with Microsoft’s community manager, Frank O’Connor after the HaloWars panel at Comic-Con. O’Connor is most notorious for his work with Bungie as the content manager, which he left in May to take up his new role at Microsoft. During the interview, O’Connor floated up the idea that Halo may just be big enough to have it’s own event, much like BlizzCon.

You can do a HaloCon. Nothing on [the scale of Comic Con], but you could bring a few hundred people just to see a Halo thing. We’re really not worried about Halo’s ability to stand out and shine in the future. There’s plenty of stuff coming.

O’Connor then went on to try to explain the teaser pulling at E3 this year, which may have led him to think that a HaloCon could be an apt place to announce a few Bungie titles. He said that the missing announcement issue at E3 was “complicated” because “there was a ton of stuff. And someone, somewhere decided strategically that another time is better…”

Was O’Connor speaking as Microsoft community manager, or Bungie content manager when he said these things? It’s interesting to choose this wording when you work for the publisher that pulled the footage. Regardless, while a HaloCon may never happen, at least we keep getting reassured about this awesome new trailer that was missing from E3. Hopefully, whenever it is actually released, it will knock our socks off.

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