CoD5 wants to ‘redefine’ WWII shooters

When the first details of Call of Duty 5: World at War were revealed, there was much talk of the unique new features that were promised (flamethrowers for the win) and just as much chat about the World War II setting. Treyarch is not deaf to concerns about returning to WWII, and aims to smash any doubts about the decision.

Modern Warfare opened the door to so many people new to Call of Duty,” stated Senior Producer Noah Heller. “The game built great fertile ground for us to start on and if we’re going to say: ‘Look it’s Christmas, here’s another Call of Duty as you loved it last year’, then we need to make sure the game is high quality or people won’t trust what Call of Duty is.”

“This has to be the best shooter and has to redefine the World War II genre.” 

Kudos to Treyarch for ambition, but a lot of gamers are skeptical of the studio after its prior efforts in the Call of Duty franchise. Treyarch has a lot of proving to do and it seems the team wishes to rise to the occasion. Good for them. Here’s hoping they can provide something fresh and exciting in an otherwise stale genre.

[Via CVG — thanks, Justin] 

James Stephanie Sterling