Co-op: Sacred 2 has it, this video shows it

Sacred 2 is a’coming to consoles in mid-May, so let’s get the hype train rolling in style. Today, CDV released a new trailer for the game showing off a little bit of cooperative action. After the break, you’ll witness a few battles and a lot of monster riding. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to be able to confirm if you can ghost ride a spider.

Still, the game is looking fine if the footage is any indication of the final product. (We apologize if the video cuts off abruptly. Blame the silly format.) We’ll be getting our hands on this multiplayer Diablo-type game soon, so look forward to the review if you’re on the fence or worried that the technical wrinkles that the PC version had haven’t been ironed out yet.

Note to anyone who plays this game with me in the future: I’m probably stronger than you in RL. That means I get dibs on all the good loot. For reals.

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