Co-op mode for Blacklight: Tango Down announced

Zombie Studios has announced that its download only first-person shooter Blacklight: Tango Down will feature a cooperative mode called “Special Ops” when it’s release later this year.

In this mode, up to four players take on the role of a Blacklight soldier as they fight their way through the war-torn streets of Balik. The mode will allow players to upgrade characters, as well as receive a “scenario” score (based on difficulty and performance) and a leaderboard, which Zombie hopes will encourage players to replay the missions.

Blacklight: Tango Down will hit PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and PC later this year for the “of $15. At least that’s what Zombie’s Jared Gerritzen told me when we chatted about the game earlier this month. Want more info on Blacklight? Check it out.

Nick Chester