Cloud saving on the horizon for PlayStation 3

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Cloud saving — the ability to upload your save files in the event that misfortune strikes your hard drive — has been popular in the PC side of the industry, but hasn’t caught on with consoles yet. (It’s a must-have feature for the next line of consoles, no question.) According to Kotaku, Sony is stepping up first.

Well, sort of. The good news: PlayStation 3 users will reportedly have the option of “online saving,” should the developer of the game in question allow such functionality (It’s their choice). Here’s the bad: this feature is going to be limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Ah, crap.

While it’s nice to see PS Plus get something useful for a change, cloud storage would be very appreciated for all, thanks. Still, I can see why Sony would want to charge for it.

You Can Soon Save Your PS3 Games In Thin Air [Kotaku via 1UP]

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