Chronology: Star Trek Online has it

Star Trek Online begins several years after the USSR Enterprise’s pilot, Cyclops, leaves the ship to steer another called the PBS Program Reading Rainbow. During this blue period of the Star Trek universe, aliens begin getting in each others’ grills while vying for interstellar dominance and the ability to put their moon flags wherever. It is an interesting period, to say the least.

But say the least, we won’t. The above is one of the first developer diaries for Star Trek Online. Featuring the crew behind the game, the video establishes the time frame in which the MMO occurs. Which is, by the way, 30 years after the film Star Trek: Nemesis. This is the time when the Romulans, Remans, and Klingons stop being polite and start getting all real up in the galaxy. The Romulans want land, the Klingons wouldn’t mind snatching said land, and the Federation isn’t a fan of either of the two rocking the galactic boat. In other words, STO is heavy stuff, guys.

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