Christian writer lays into videogames for ‘in-depth’ report

The Christian Examiner Online has published what it claims to be an “in-depth” report on videogame violence — a report so deep, in fact, that it refers to Grand Theft Auto IV as “GT4” and is loaded with anti-game comments from religious spokesmen and family groups. That’s right, this so-called in-depth feature is shallower than a sparrow’s c*nt.

“While shopping for a new video game recently with my 13-year-old grandson, I previewed several of the latest releases,” stated one of the article’s sensational interview subjects … a random grandmother from Alabama. “Most were filled with intense violence, involving killing and torture. Others involved witches and wizards.”

WITCHES AND WIZARD! WON’T THE GOOD LORDY LORD SAVE US FROM VIDEOGAMES AND THE ARCANE MAGICKS SEALED WITHIN THEIR SATANIC PANDORA’S BOXES!? Among other hilarious claims in this article is the accusation that games “control the hearts and minds” of children, creating “a monotonous, zoned-out new reality.” 

Would it have hurt to speak to some Christians who actually played or worked with videogames? Many such Christians exist, but it appears as if the writer of this piece couldn’t find a single one. This is why I’M paid to talk about games, and they’re paid to talk about God.

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