Chocobo racing emulated in LittleBigPlanet user level

Did you ever play the Mario Kart rip-off Chocobo Racing? It was a PlayStation title from Squaresoft that took many of the popular Final Fantasy series mascots and pit them against each other in cart races. It had great tracks and some pretty kickass Final Fantasy remixes as a soundtrack. Check it out if you come across it.

And that has almost nothing to do with this footage of a beta user-created Chocobo racing level for LittleBigPlanet that we saw on Siliconera. It’s really more like a proof of concept, as a sackperson hops on some pretty static Chocobo, and they simply dash across the screen. I don’t know how they’d determine which bird is faster. Then again, if I did a Chocobo-style re-creation, I would have gone for Chocobo breeding instead.

While we don’t want to get in the habit of posting LBP level work all day, I will take the opportunity to point out a few others. This Sonic Green Hill Zone remake is pretty good, as is the Super Mario Bros one. And this one. I think I already hate the music to this game, though.

Dale North