Chill Out remake coming to Halo 3

Earlier in the week, Bungie debuted their newest map during an MLG event in San Jose. The new map is called Cold Storage and is a remake of Chill Out from the original Halo. The quality is complete crap, but at least you have a basic idea of how the new map looks.

I completely forgot to post this video but remembered thanks to the latest Bungie Weekly update, where Luke Smith dropped a couple of hi-res screens of the new map. From the looks of it, Cold Storage seems to be the place where the Forerunner experimented on the Flood. Luke teases that more info will be revealed on Cold Storage next week.

Bungie also announced that Microsoft will be at San Diego Comic Con talking about some Halo projects (like the new book), and that they’ll be attending PAX (it’s in their home state, so they have no good excuse not to go).  

What do you think of Cold Storage so far? 

Hamza Aziz