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Cheetah looks purrty good in her Injustice 2 gameplay trailer


Maximum Cheetah

Revealed back in February along with Poison Ivy (meaning we should get a gameplay trailer for her soon too), Cheetah fits right in with the Injustice 2 roster. I'm not sure if it's my preference if non-projectile characters or a latent furry desire, but Cheetah's moveset looks super fun to play. 

Her claw and ground game give me Felicia (from Darkstalkers) vibes, and her combos seem to move at a brisk pace (with her EX rolls and pounces). While the supers of Injustice 2 have been lacking in some areas, I think I'm in love with Cheetah's knock-off "Maximum Spider." 

Too bad about those Source Crystals though. 

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Nick Valdez has been writing for Modern Method for years, but now he's writing about videogames! He likes games where you punch dudes in the face.  more


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