Check your pockets, Take Two looking to sell, sell, sell!

Time to clean out your couch for that extra loose change, because it looks like Take Two (publisher of such upstanding games as Grand Theft Auto) are possibly looking to sell themselves to the highest bidder — something you working girls are more than well aware of. Trying to cut through all the legal mumbojumbo, it seems as if some shareholders upset with how things are going are looking to shake up the company hierarchy. From Next-Gen:

Stocks rose nearly 7 percent in midday trading as publisher Take-Two announced today that it is considering the sale of the company in the wake of a recent move by major investors to oust current management.

The company postponed its annual meeting scheduled for March 23 to March 29 in order to buy more time to consider the proposed actions of a significant group of shareholders.

A group of major investors accounting for 46 percent of Take-Two shares earlier this month announced plans to attempt to oust Take-Two CEO Paul Eibeler and review CFO Karl Winters’ employment status. The investors planned to nominate six new directors at Take-Two’s next annual meeting.

If it happens, then which one of you wants to go halvsies with me? 

Robert Summa