Check out this new Premium Fallout 3 theme

I’d love to pretend I haven’t had fun customizing my avatar on Xbox Live, but if I told you that it’d be a flat out lie. I’ve bought a few articles of clothing, I’ve bought a few wallpapers. Nothing out of control or anything, but sometimes it’s fun to dress up the console you spend so much time with.

Fallout 3 fans will be excited to see this new theme, which is completely free if you have purchased the five DLC packs for the game ( “Operation: Anchorage,” “The Pitt,” “Broken Steel,” “Point Lookout” and “Mothership Zeta”). Microsoft will provide a token to download the theme if you fit these credentials, starting October 1st. If you didn’t buy those expansions but want the theme anyway, never fear — you can grab it for 240 Microsoft points. Cool, right?

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