Check out this Alpha Protocol walkthrough video

There’s no doubt about it — SEGA and Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol looks better every time we see new footage. The publisher and developer duo recently dropped a video walkthrough for the action RPG. You can view it after the jump.

The walkthrough deals with three of the game’s main components: action, dynamic dialogue, and mission structure. At the beginning of some missions — or possibly all of them — you’ll get the opportunity to work with a handler. Depending on whom you choose, the approach to the mission can change dramatically. This is illustrated fairly well in the video. The developer initially walks you through a mission with a sneaky dude, and then he goes through the same mission again with a chick who really likes firepower. Neat-o.

In addition to being shown how handlers affect structure, you’ll also be able to get your eyeballs on the dynamic dialogue system and some gunplay. Dialogue responses are timed affairs where you get to choose three mundane choices — asshole, suave, and professional. (Occasionally a fourth, brutish option will appear.) The gunplay looks pretty solid, which gives me great hope for this game and Fallout: New Vegas.

Definitely check this out if you’re interested in Alpha Protocol and tell us what you think.

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