Check out these awesome Moving Memo Pad DSi animations

You know about the Moving Memo Pad for the DSi, right? Well, it would make sense if you didn’t, as Nintendo is still holding out on us with the DSi release. What’s the hold up, guys?

This DSiWare software, better known as Ugoku Memo-chou in Japan, is an application that lets you take down notes and memos, with a feature that lets you animate them, flip book style. After that, you can even drop in a sounds for a complete little movie. There’s a video after the jump that demonstrates how this application works.

This app even has a dedicated Japanese Web page for uploading and sharing works. Ugo Memo Hatena, they call it. Head over there and check out any of the strange videos they have. We pulled the one above from the site. This one is also neat. This short one has some bounce to it.

But this one? Wow. INCREDIBLE.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this one to make my own crude, tasteless animations. When is that going to be, Nintendo?

Dale North