Check out The Spire, you idiot!

The Spire released a trailer last month, but us blogs are only now paying attention because we’re ignorant. Nevertheless, this indie PC game is well worth checking out, so it would be wrong of us to not follow the rest of the blogocube and talk about it, despite being “old” news by now. 

You may have heard of The Spire already. It’s gathered many comparisons to Portal, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with portals whatsoever, and doesn’t even look very much like it. In fact, the only real similarity is the fact that it’s a non-combat first-person game, with puzzles being the main focus. 

With its push/pull gimmick, The Spire has more in common with Half-Life 2 and its Gravity Gun, and it aesthetically resembles Raven’s Singularity. Not too sure where the Portal stuff is coming from. Anyway, this game is due out some time in 2011, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Jim Sterling