Charge your DS or PSP with a bracelet?

I know it sounds crazy, but you can actually charge your portable gaming systems with this new bracelet charger from Japanese cool stuff maker Thanko.

Siliconera spotted this device, and they say that it can keep a Nintendo DS going for over 22 hours on low brightness. Or 7.5 hours on high. Or 4 if on the PSP. The bracelet connects to multiple devices by way of interchangeable tips, giving your iPod or phone some extra juice as well. A stretchable power cord extends up to 80 centimeters, offering plenty of freedom. When you get home, you can recharge this bracelet via USB.

If you don’t mind wearing what is basically a flattened-out power block on your wrist, you can nab one of these for 4,980 yen ($48).

On second thought, it looks more like one of those mommy-to-child tether bracelets. Yeah, the ladies will definitely dig a guy wearing this! 

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