Character art for Last Flight looks appetizing

Nick told us about Blobber Team’s delicious WiiWare title Last Flight earlier this year, but we have yet to hear any more details on the game where a an American chef and a Romanian half-vampire battle a vampire breakout on a plane.

While it’s not a release date or anything juicy like that, Blobber does pass along several character art images for the upcoming WiiWare title. Both Anna and the chef, Larry, are shown in various forms. There are also examples of the passenger and crew, posed in their before-and-after shots after a virus turns them into vampires. We don’t know who this red-jacketed Jan is, but I think it’s safe to say that you’ll be kicking his ass.

Here’s hoping that we see more of this title soon. Does this look like something that’s up your alley? 

Dale North