Champions Online dropped by Take-Two

In an investor conference over the weekend, it was revealed that Champions Online, the upcoming superhero MMO, will no longer be published by Take-Two Interactive. The reason given was the recent acquisition of developer Cryptic Studios by Atari. There’s no word yet from Atari on whether they will be publishing the title but it sounds as if we’ll be hearing something to that effect in the very near future.

As a long-time fan of the Champions pen-and-paper RPG, I’m interested to see what the end result of this project winds up being. From the looks of it, Cryptic is going in a much more action-oriented direction than they did with City of Heroes and that’s probably the right thing to do for an MMO that’s going to attempt success on the 360. I’m just praying that another classic RPG setting isn’t mangled the way Shadowrun was.

Conrad Zimmerman