Chair drops hints, talks life after Shadow Complex

It’s crazy to think how most if not all of us have stopped talking about Shadow Complex as if it no longer exists. It just goes to show, even one of the year’s greatest download-only releases is no match for the high amount of excellent games we see come out around this time. There simply isn’t enough time for all of them.

Russ over at MTV Multiplayer is keeping the Shadow Complex conversation alive with the help of Chair co-founder Donald Mustard, who recently said the team is “definitely working on things.”

“I’m just not going to tell you what it is … we’re still evaluating in the design phase.” No kidding? The studio is trying to figure out the best route to take, which could include creating downloadable content, but almost certainly means expanding the company’s size.

Mustard says he wouldn’t want to limit Chair to any one platform, genre, or delivery method for the next project, which raises all sorts of questions. Where do you guys want to see them go from here? Is there any one type of game you think Chair ought to consider creating next?

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