CES 2010: Microsoft CES press conference live blog

Here’s my experience on these sorts of things. You go to an event. There’s all this buzz. Rumors of something going to be announced or launched. Then you go. You liveblog. You bust ass to get there and get a good seat. Then nothing happens. I’ve seen it a million times. E3, GDC, CES, you name it.

I fell for it again. Conrad and I are here in the Hilton Casino ballrooms, waiting for Mircosoft to tell us something that they’re probably not going to. But, just in case, we’re liveblogging it. And, if you don’t wan to take our word for it, there’s a link below that will take you to a live stream of the conference. Maybe Balmer will do some crazy sh*t again.


[Update 2: It’s happening.]

[Update: The conference is a bit delayed; Microsoft is experiencing some issues. The live stream is up, though, for those of you who really like elevator music.]

Dale North