CES 2009: Presenting our CES WTF video

Just like in previous years, we’ve pulled together a collection of things at the Consumer Electronics Show that make us say what the f*ck?

Really, really weird things are interspersed with huge high-definition televisions, cameras, and mobile phones at this show. This year we sought them out with a camera, trying to make some sense of them. We saw the strangest stuff, and we still have no idea what was going on. Watch this and tell us if you know.

Among many other stupid things that have no business being at CES, we came across floating chairs for swimming pools at this electronics show. Why? Why here? Nick said that the whole thing reminded him of a local home show, a place you might see Ginzu knives and super-absorbing sponges demonstrated and pitched to the public. It reminded me more of a strange circle of hell where everyone eats chicken caesar wraps while wearing bluetooth headsets.

The wierdest thing of all was an interview we conducted with a parrot. Yes, a parrot. Sadly, it was lost in the shuffle, but the parrot makes it into our video anyway. Enjoy

Dale North