Celebrities play videogames JUST LIKE YOU!

Rose McGowan, McG and Moon Bloodgood were at the Terminator Salvation premiere party Thursday night where they played the new Terminator Salvation videogame. This is totally exciting videogame related news.

So I can’t decide which one I think is hotter between Rose McGowan and Moon Bloodgood. With Moon, there’s just something about her that looks so wholesome. Like, you can show her to your mother or something. With Rose, you just know she f*cks like a tiger. Sure, the sex will be great but you can’t help but have a funny feeling that you should probably go see the doctor and get some tests done as soon as possible.

I’m torn. Who do you think is hotter here … as they play Terminator Salvation?

Also, what the hell kind of name is McG? How do you even pronounce that? Hey, I’m changing my name to ZdgXS. Yeah have fun trying to say that. 

Hamza Aziz