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Dear Flanx: Happy Birthday, you beautiful, melanin-enriched demigod. Your beauty takes my breath away time and time again, a beauty rivaled only by Dangus. The ways in which you use your deft, muscular fingers to cut Gundam runners keeps me up at night.


Flanx, you are one of the people I think about when I envelop my heart in the warmth and love that is Destructoid. I hope your day is filled with warmth and laughter and love. Happy birthday!


I love Flanx. Hope he has a happy birthday. I also wish I had his buff arms


What games led you from hobby to passion? One of the first games I ever played was Zelda 2. Not gonna lie, that got me into gaming as a kid and I still love that game but Shining Force is when I knew I would be playing games for the rest of my life


Happy birthday you amazing bastard. May your glorious legs carry you across an incredible day. Thank you for being you boo.


Do y'all know who's Bday it is today? It's the Bday of our boy Flanx, one of my best pals here, and an amazing long-term community member. Every year we mean to hook up, and never do, definitely next year! Have an amazing Bday Flanx! ilu x


Bernie doesn't have to be the next President (though I wish he would be). But all I want at this point is a president that spends more time thinking about other people than they do about themselves. And no, I'm not convinced that Hillary does that.


Something cool arrived in the mail. I completely forgot I bought it and had no idea just what it was


Hope you all are having a day!


When the videos for youtubing Kid Buu are some soundcloud rapper, it hurts. I see you. I don't hate you. But you are not special. Just "trendy." I NAKEDLY JUMPED ON CARS IN A PARKING LOT. And i was naked in the hospital. I'm Kid Buu #endrant (sad rant)


I was faced with a reality, today, without medication for my back pain. And I faced it with little issue. I'm proud of myself and I will use this opportunity to finally lose weight, obliterate my game/film/music backlog, and get better mentally. ALSO:


Just finished DQXI. It was marvelous. It's up there with the Witcher 3 as my favorite game this generation. Easily the best video game I've played in a couple years. I can't sing it's praises enough. I ignored football to play it. I love you all.


Posting this in celebration of finally getting a movie to wrap it up. God that might actually be the best announcement this month for me. Not Smash, not Super Robot Wars. No, it's god damn Scooby-Doo.


So my friend made me this during the Gateway to Charity while he was in my chat. I had no idea he was making it until near the end of the stream. Makes me happy and made me laugh. Definitely going in the thumbnail.


Made Hot and Sour soup from scratch and it was really easy! I'll put the recipe link in the comments


I trundle closer and closer to finishing up grad school applications. By this time next year, I'll hopefully be back in the swing of the school thing and doing scientific research.


Hey guys! As a reminder, I'm planning to start doing weekly Warframe streams today! So keep an eye out tonight when I get home from work for the first ever episode of #WeeklyWednesdayWarframe! BUMP! Keep an eye out, because I'll be starting in an hourish!


Just thought I'd share this shitpost I found about the election with y'all.


It took longer than I wanted, but I'm finally under 200 pounds. I haven't been under 200 since I left for my first college program over eight years ago. Still got more to go, but man am I glad my hard work is paying off.


Let's get this party started!! ( unfortunately I have to wait till I get home from work)


Well I wasn't gonna. But since everyone said such nice things about the game. Next up is ordering a copy of Downpour. And finishing Homecoming. Which definitely shows it's cracks as the combat ramps up. Woof. Still not terrible though. I love Silent Hill.




Current Status:


Nothing is Stan Lee might have been as close to a legend as you could get, making many people smile throughout the years with his creations, my family Rest in peace Stan


I dont really know what to say about Stan Lees feel like my favorite incarnations of his creations were made by others but his was a personality that you dont see too often and hes absolutely going to be Rest in Peace


Today I mourn in solidarity with my friends and acquaintances that are burdened or filled with sorrow at the loss of an influential life - that life in this case being Stan On this post, feel free to share some of your cherished memories of


I wrote a blog about Stardew Valley for this months Bloggers Wanted Check it out if you And check out some of the other excellent community blogs while youre at it

Khalid Eternal Nigh

For many years weve been trying, in our own bumbling way, to illustrate that love is a far greater force, a far greater power than - Stan Lee


I just finished Ghost in survival I wonder if it was the first 2D metroidvania Ive ever


Thanks for sharing this day and age with us, Stan The Man Lee! Youve made a mark on this Earth and on fiction, EXCELSIOR!


Stan Lee has influenced so much of my life from Black Panther and the Avengers to Spider-Man and Silver Ive dreaded this day for years and now its upon Im so glad I had the chance to meet him in Thanks for Excelsior!

Punished Nietzsche

Rest in peace, you beautiful old You had the best cameos in the industry, and you will never be


I just had one of those days at work where everything just worked out perfectly and as I should just leave now before everything falls

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Japanese Spiderman in honor of Sir Stan of May he rest in He truly is an Ex Man


Im glad he lived to see his creations and co-creations achieve the heights they did, His cameos were always a highlight for I wonder if spiderman will be his last :(

Jetter Mars

These stories of people with unusual powers and unusual appearances, who do unusual things, people are always fascinated by – Stan Thank you for leaving an incredible legacy, The world of fiction owes a lot to you! Rest in


This looks better than I thought it would


Ive been dreading the day Stan Lee was going to die for a long time I knew it was coming sooner or later a few years ago when he started scaling back his convention RIP Stan and thanks for making the world more exciting!

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Honestly cant believe Im actually tearing up a little I mean, we all knew it was gonna happen eventually, the man was 95, but we also all hoped hed just live on EXCELSIOR!


RIP Stan Cant believe youre Were gonna miss


And now well never know the real story behind the RIP

Riff Raff

RIP you wonderful wonderful Thanks for the imagination!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I made an attempt at a Just thought itd sound


Also, RIP Stan Lee


Rest In Peace you legendary man :(


I have two real days off! Gonna check out how the patches have treated Deaths Gambit and do some Starting Wednesday, I work eight days in a row, so I am happy about the Hope everyone has a good


This damn Gorilla better give me a proper ending to Gintama :|

Singapore Sling

RIP Stan the An absolute legend

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Rest in peace Sweet


Stan Lee has


I finally did it you guys! I finally got 100% of the achievements for a game on I can finally call myself a Real Gamer™! #OnRush is pretty awesome The only trophy I needed to Google how to unlock was the


All I can think Breath of the Wild had a story?

Punished Nietzsche

Come on Pokemon Movie! you can do this now, dont be shy!


In class today we were shown a really clever way of teaching idiots not to jaywalk in Paris using science!

Raikus Magical Holidays

And the trailer for Detective Pikachu was just


Everytime I buy something from there I feel like Im supporting something

Raikus Magical Holidays

First screens for the monster hunter film are out Humanity is


Okay, so as someone who is vaguely interested in watching Goblin Slayer, I heard that it has some pretty extreme sexual violence, at least in the first Does this continue? That kinda stuff makes me




Today, I have a review for Pikmin for In it, I throw shade at early-2000s era IGN and talk about the emotional harm this game has caused I hope you enjoy


PEOPLE! Shovel Knight is getting a physical Switch release!


Oh man, I am so stoked for this to drop! Im ready to dive back in!

Riff Raff

Finished Alien:Isolation over the weekend and oh boy what a fun ride that Definitely in my top tier of favorite horror games! Cant believe I waited so long to play

CranDerey Sauce

Yo Soulbow, The Actual Charlton Heston, and I think its time to get our acrobatic routine with serious sexual undertones up and Sex sells and the people needs this!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Lady Ann with mid blonde hair arrives in Persona Q2! Its also her birthday, which is pretty AnnxChie fanart when?


Ive enjoyed Malcom Gladwell for a He looks at some interesting phenomena and makes some compelling cases for stuff he puts And this one is very interesting, at least to

Silver twoso

Imagine if the Xbox launched with this functionality built in, Im sure people would pay a little more especially if it had a kitsch name like cortana or Alas what couldve been

CaimDark Reloaded

I rekindled the flame with my girl Liara in Lair of the Shadow Broker! Plus, the scene is and ambiguous, but I think I banged her Hooray! Also, Proud of myself for resisting Mirandas perfect, genetically engineered ass!