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I remember an incident where I missed a step walking down the stairs and landed flat on me arse. T'was funny and painful all at once. Current status:


Really enjoying Baba is You so far. It's great at stumping you for 15 minutes before hitting you with a Eureka moment that leaves you wondering why you didn't see it sooner. "Wait: if the wall blocks me, why don't I just turn the entire wall into keys?"


I started playing Golden Sun. What a nice little RPG. It's not the meatiest game I've ever played but I'm enjoying it quite a bit.


Now he gets it!


I swear I made this post earlier... but... Happy birthday Rudorlf!!! Hope your day is amazing!


Chronicles of Linkle's Fashion #3: The true Hero(ine) of Time emerges!


I really hope that putting MCC on PC revives the Halo community. And I hope that Infinite comes in and is actually, ya know, good.


I'm in a pretty crappy place, and I don't just mean England. But I'mma go to bed and things will be clearer n the morn. Hope y'all have a swell evening/night


oh shit, almost forgot to post this here today haha. never even played Kid Icarus, just fancied drawing medusa.


Can you believe Dtoid is turning 13? What a wild ride it's been. Also happy birthday Niero!


So... I was reminded of this amazing piece of Destructoid history that I and 108 others were apart of. Sad that so many of these people are gone. Where's Elsa!? I miss my Dtoid mom :(


I've been feeling rather nostalgic for early-mid 2000's music. Current status:


Dreams do kome true. If only my baby girl wasn't so sick today :(


All I can say is wooooooooooooow.


Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year: The spring arcade auction! If any of y'all are in central Iowa, stop by Altoona and check them out. I'm looking at Sunset Riders and Strikers 1945 right now, but Ill see whats there!


Got my new Xbox controller today. Bring on the Division 2 baby. #SimplyTheBest. BUMP THE DAY HAS COME AND SO HAVE I.


One thing I enjoy my Switch for is buying experimental indie games on a whim; see if they're fun. Baba Is You looks like an excellent contender: it'll either frustrate me to no end, or it'll be the most interesting puzzle game I've played in ages.


I'm struggling to write anything upbeat this morning, for obvious reasons. What can you say? I guess just remember to be thankful for all you have, be good to those you love, fight hate and love love. And I love thee. Have a good weekend, guys 'n' gals x




Were about two years away from Ubisoft having to apologize for running a game development sweatshop in

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Hot turned 40 on Wasnt online all Happy C0-Birthday to Rad Party God,Parismio, and


Why does the switch turn on when you undock it, thats so annoying! Battery dead because it has been in sleep mode when it should have never turned on in the first Console feels like sparkly junk

Fivefinger Delta

Ive been offered a job in Monaco and I got surprised with my very own, original Bayonetta after I helped a friend A good start to the Now to watch the GoT I hope your week is great x


I was let down so hard with the last episode of Game of Im very:


Its a-me, Raiden!


The finale wasnt a dumpster fire but it also wasnt


I think at the end of the day, the thing I love most about Rage 2 is definitely its


I wrote a Trials of Fire preview


even in a hat in time the cursed game follows me

Electric Reaper

Im still annoyed with Jurassic Park popularizing the image of velociraptors as being so They were small compared to If a dinosaur series needs a big raptor, the Utahraptor will do just Feathers are


Ive seen this now you have to as


Finally replaced the couch after bed It has a chaise and a sleeper and I can not wait to be off and laze about on it all


Just finished Kingdom Hearts Loved My new favorite I think this one has the best pacing in the Plot is bonkers and Music is Flashy fun Two thumbs up from More thoughts in


Everybodys watching Game of Thrones and Im over here in cartoon land watching my own Been wanting to start a blog series for a while and I think Star is the perfect place to


Started working on my first DnD character So far: Chaotic Neutral, Female Tiefling rogue, great charisma, working on a This is pretty fun in and of Female tiefling is 100% inspired by a pic Strider posted ages


Sorry for that drunken double post yall! Be happy! Its all that matters!

Mike Sounders

Been a good weekend for Finished Birth by Sleep on Saturday, bought and finished the Messenger, bought Dead Cells, and finally started Gundam Breaker 3s Good times for me


Given how things had been handled this season of Game of Thrones, my initial impression of the end is that Im relatively happy with


The end of an era How strange

Silver the 3rd

I want more opinions on rage 2, but heres some asthetics


Full offense apparently but some people need to stop bitching and come to terms with the fact that Johnathan Taylor-Thomas is, in fact, a Wake up from your dream world and enter into our avian




Returning to The Witcher 3 after a long Anything I should keep in mind while playing, other than remembering that the world outside the game exists?


Big weekend for 3 day live stream announcing the new campaign and a ton of fantastic games (with no projared and They tend to get very very goofy and But when the campaign is described as Mad Max meets Dantes inferno, whaddya want huh


So last night me and my MTG buddies tried out that Oathbreaker format thats been picking up in I am now a fan, and honestly think you guys should try it out too! Not sure what Im talking about? Heres a video to explain!


Oh Its Right now, and Im lit, with family (yall included) Lets Go!


I hate listening to modern music redone in the chiptune There is something not so great about how the underlying music shines through despite the massive change in This is still very much not the Halo Theme I know and


You havent had a childhood if you havent been abandoned at the store at least once (or three




Found a copy of Star Wars: Tie Fighter at a Started it up in my Win95 Goddamn that game is awesome! What a friggin classy Star Wars game!


Cup Pretty damn good


Im just gonna ignore the same-y posts and put this

Keiichi Morisato

I have been playing DOOM in the hardest difficulty, it has sent me to Hell and back, it is hard as


I am so happy with how this cutie came out, was gonna draw it as a one time thing but shes too cute for


I am so happy with how this cutie came out, was gonna draw it as a one time thing but shes too cute for


Mega Man Legacy Collection 1, 2 and X1 are on sale for Switch (X2 as well but I’ll skip Worth more buying those or diving into Dead Cells and either Katana ZERO and/or Cuphead?


I love listening to modern music redone in the chiptune There is something so great about how the underlying music shines through despite the massive change in This is still very much the Halo Theme I know and


John Wick definitely lives up to the I cannot wait for the next Halle Barry killed it,

Rad Party God

Risk of Rain? More like Risk of Getting I like


Me and my friend Boone visited Caesar

Czar Kazem

Playing Dragons Dogma and accidentally turned in the Wyrmkings Ring without making a forgery of


I talked one of my managers into buying Bloodborne and now hes texting me asking for Thats called networking baby

Electric Reaper

It was only a matter of time until a politician put campaign ads on


My blue-haired, bird masked, puffy woman coat wearing I love this Snuck into a bandit camp earlier and survived a fight with 4 bandits, no potions Im trying to make some coin before I explore other Highly recommend!


Cant wait to see how Game of Thrones