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I’m going to bed folks, but if you want AMA and I’ll answer any Qs in the good morning. Have a neat night, friends! BUMP Thanks for the rad Q's folks!


The dog usually is usually bothered when blankets are thrown onto him, but with the recent cold front and this especially soft throw blanket, he could not be more comfortable.


And there's the newest kit. Goodsmile's Gurren Lagann.


So... I have a PS5 now. Story is in the comments (or will be soon, as of this post)


Here's what I've been up to this past week. A LOT of toy hunting. Still miffed I couldn't find Rat King/Vernon as well as the Triceraton Infantryman/Roadkill Rodney. But I still found some cool stuff!


Oh shoot, I didn't even realize I passed 1000 quickposts. Uhh... Ask me anything and I'll answer!


New day, new marquee. I can almost see the space this lived in. A smoky dive bar, a family-run pizza place, maybe a super sketchy bodega with a backroom that everyone knows about but no one speaks of.


Got my test results back. I'm negative. Can not tell you how relieved I am.


The collection is almost complete. A little haphazard, but still nice.


Hope you all have a delightful day :)


Stuff happened! Yay!! I've only waited a year to play Obra Dinn.


Come back to see everyone posting their gundam builds. Here's my entry :) How y'all doing?


I released a new album called "Ascension". 10 tracks. Free to download. A little more personal song choices this time around. Golden Rings was written for my father. Great sounding music. Bump


I don't know if this is gonna show in the image upload, but the CRT filter became an obsession... of course. Just adding a filter broke a bunch of other scaling code which I had to re-write. But this looks WAY better than the last attempt. It GLOWS now!


You know they call him Phoenix Wright but what about when he’s Phoenix Wrong?


This is the only kit I have. Am I a cool kid now?


I couldn’t get an RTX 3070 today, but I did finally manage to snag a PS5 from Gamstop!


Almost every goddamn night.


My nephew just told his younger brother "This is a classic" in reference to the Heatman Level Theme from Mega Man 2.


Another one off the bucket list.




#womantoid? Sure, why Wait, is this Womens History Month? That would make sense! It was a toss-up between Miriam and Laylee, so I went with the one whose game is Symphony of the Night, because I like it more than


She always has a scotch on her desk, works for a shady ass raccoon, hangs out with the Doom guy, smashes shit, and even has dabbled in Yet she always is there to help Hats off to an amazing lady of all trades: #Womantoid


#womantoid one of the most badass from one of my favorite games of the last few years

Jetter Mars

Seldom mentioned but nonetheless influential: Alis Landale from the original Phantasy Star! #womantoid


Happy birthday Let me know if you want your physical copy of Owlboy in the post or delivered


Madeline is the biggest badass there Change my mind #womantoid

Fivefinger Delta

Bayonetta would be too Also A2 > 2B but I love all

Cloudman Sam

Birthday wishes to you Bass!


Alright, so its #womantoid? Heres one of my personal favorite leading


#Womantoiddoesafemalechildcharactercountforwomantoid? Haruka

sp testure

Happy Birthday Bass!!




Its hard to think of not just good female video game characters, but actual good female lead Which is pretty Despite, Ill throw in Alex from Oxenfree! (art by DIBUJOSLOVE) #Womantoid


Hells Big shout out to Billie for my entry in #Womantoid I love a strong, dangerous


Happy Womans Day to the few brave women that hang around this Nice having you here! Who are some of your favorite leading ladies? Im a big fan of Chloe Frazer and hope Uncharted continues with her in the #Womantoid


Hope its a great one bud!


Welp, beat Into the Nexus Platinum Trophy and all skill So thats Now I can focus on Ratchet


Playing Persona 5 Strikers reminded me of an unfinished EP/album from 4 years ago (before P5 officially released in the west) that I never So, heres a remnant of that project: my personal take on the main menu jam from Persona 5 proper!


Happy Bassday Birthday- I mean Hope its been a good one!


100% completed my College Algebra class just before spring Tested out of the final and earned an A with 3 months to Its going to be very nice having my free time Good feeling, guys, I gotta

Sam van der Meer



Happy Birthday Bass!

Robo Panda Z

Happy Day of Spawn to my favorite fish

Kevin Mersereau

I’m currently rewatching Small Soldiers for the first time since I was a kid, and it surprisingly holds up pretty damn well so far!


Happy Ill always remember you as the star of one of my favorite SNES games

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Happy Bass Day, Birth!




Conundrum and Bass 2 is available on Spotify and other music streaming It would mean the world to me if you would Consider it a bday present :p


Hope you have a great birthday Bass!

Damien Quicksilver

I played with this for as long as I care No Miku or Stardew Valley means not really


Current Status:


Finished Paradise Great Loved Except for the fact that the most important clue in the game is in an obscure spot that you very well may never stumble upon without the aid of


Happy birthday bass you lean coding machine :)


Now that Ive completed Hitman 3s story I can finally go back and complete as many challenges as I can until I get

Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to BlondeBass! Hope you had a great weekend pally! :)


What up


Character design tier Snake and Samus are behind the


Happy birthday to TheBlondeBass! I hope you’ve had a great one, my friend


Im glad Senran Kagura is coming back with a Neptunia collab, but man it sucks that itll be on PS4 with no news for a PC Im worried itll be censored to also put out timecodes on their site, with 2:30:59 onward being about the

Spiders For Sale

Its a common misconception that I play Video


Finally broke down and got Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive a It was either that or Bravery Default


Drop Not rendered: retro-rockets for soft landing and gunfire


Current Status:


Ill stop spamming Strikers stuff from me after this, but heres the follow-up to my last upload where we finally get into some proper gameplay!


Heres a tier list thats a little easier on the


Heer my tear


Tbh I dont know much about tinnitus but looking at the accesibility options in Metro Exodus now and noticed it has a no tinnitus sounds option which I think is pretty think I remember RiffRaff and one or two others say tinnitus is annoying gaming