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I'd say that BF5 trailer went over about as expected...


Sheesh, these new world bosses are getting scarier by the minute!


My first bit of my spending spree arrived! This is one of my holy grails of collecting and it feels surreal holding it. More pics in comments.


Oh swell, my monster design article's on Gamasutra's front page right now. Feels great to be featured once more! :)


Anyone else playing SMT: Strange Journey Redux? Well, here's an EXCLUSIVE QTOID DEMON PASSWORD! It's lv 40, costs a fuck ton of Macca, but it's 100% worth it.


Upfronts were last week (where all the TV networks release trailers for next year's new shows). Not a single one interests me. It's gonna be a crap year for TV.


AMA time. Haven't done one for a bit. Figured I would. Or something. Yea.


Going to visit my sister and her kids tomorrow. The presents I picked up for them came today. I still have to pick up BotW to go with the guide, and Minecraft. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!


We had a presentation by one of the coders who worked on Unravel at school. He said that EA outsourced the certification testing to Eastern Europe and even bribed Sony to get past 'em faster. He was also sad that it was on Origin and not physical.


Reading ZombieCorps story like "This sounds like LA." then I get a few comments down and see "LAPD" and nod. If you can avoid living here I'd recommend it to anyone interested. Not that it ends up being an option for most who need a job. :p


Tomorrow is the big day! First total knee replacement surgery happens at 5am. So, which one if you bitches are going to send me flowers? *****crickets*****


Bloggers Wanted: Warframed

My experience with Warframe is not a unique one. Like many in the recent wave of people rediscovering the game it was something I had played years ago and decided wasn’t really my speed. The Galaxy map was sloppy and confusing, t...


"I certainly don't need that Dark Souls Remaster" *pulling out wallet*. "Why would I buy a game I've beaten more times than I can count" *entering credit card information*.


So there's a new Leisure Suit Larry game coming, one that dares to reference #metoo in its press release no less. Oh boy! I don't know who asked for this but some journos are already frustrated by its mere announcement, so I'm glad it's being made.


Our boy ZombieCorps really needs our help! Let's get this shit done. https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/ZombieC0RPS/quickposts


Wife's going back to the doc today. Very high chance of RA, but also a bit of a breast cancer scare. I'm so nervous and scared that I can't even think straight. Won't have definite answers for a few hours yet. Not even sure what to do.


Please check out ZombieCorps Qpost below. He's having a tough time right now :(


just got kicked from George Bush’s fortnite squad after saying he should be a pro at dropping tilted towers


I could REALLY use some help from the community right now. Details in the comments...


Finished up Dragon Quest VII last week. My save file was around 160 hours (some of that is from dozing off while playing in bed at the end of the night, so realistically more like 135-140 of game). Thoughts in the comments.




#HevyDevyToid sounds good to me! Whilst this is technically Steve Vais work (one of my favorite guitarists), Devin does sing it!

Brittany Vincent

Hey guys! If anyones headed to PAX West, please be sure to visit the panel Im going to be on about games youre ashamed to tell people you As you all know, thats basically none of em, but its going to be a fun time anyway! <3


First day on the security job ended early Deets


Watched Trainspotting yesterday


This is A M A Z I N G


Sometimes, a man clad in freakish bio armor just wants to relax: take his freaky mutant dog, steal a dargyn and go


I broke She cant move, she just sits

Electric Reaper

Get her a Tumblr and Twitter I am 100% sure absolutely nothing could possibly go I would bet Donald Trumps life on


Wouldnt it be neato if SE decided that they like money a lot and remade Super Mario RPG in Octopaths engine? I think that would be


I really want to like Mafia 3 but its almost Areas dont load, Ive fallen through the ground more times than I can count, dialogue wont play, and it crashes my ps4 fairly This might just be the buggiest game Ive ever

Mike Sounders

Another day, another model #CharDidNothingWrong

CaimDark Reloaded

Is Telltales Batman meant to appeal to Trophy hunters? Each short episode has 6 chapters and trophies for completing each, some of which are literally just a single


For #HeavyDevyToid I present the Heaviest of

Zero Star

Well looks like Diablo 3 for switch was announced one day earlier by Gonna be nice to have a portable version to take with you to the bathroom!

Kevin Mersereau

This is my He is a good His name is


Tried to read my kids a bedtime story and I told them to, “stay awhile and Now they’re telling me they won’t listen to me unless I talk like Deckard this is me now?


Xbox live is down!!! Sigh, download the Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo

Dangus Taargus

On to level 11 in But I love

Electric Reaper

In games with level select screens, do you prefer that the all the levels be displayed, but with locked missions having their names hidden, or locked missions being completely hidden from the screen until theyre unlocked?


Why does YouTube keep trying to get me to listen to the soundtrack to Ecco: the Tides of Time? I listened to it once, Ive listened to other video game music, but YouTube wont stop bugging me about that one

Dennis Carden

So I just found out that Dimmu Borgir are touring Australia in I may or may not now have a Kind of unreasonably excited for this one, since oh my god it’s pure cheese and I love

Electric Reaper

I can see why the Darksiders 2 Kingdoms that care the least about cleaning up Corruption have Trees of


Rise of the TMNT looks great visually, but it lacks character Hope it changes a bit as they go

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Bloodborne, beer, and bowie 😎


That moment when, by simply browsing the job-market for your position, you notice that you are not just underpaid, but almost criminally

Dennis Carden

#HevyDevyToid? Oh yes, this is a thing I can get


Im in the universally agreed shit stretch of twin peaks so its a long battle to get to the end so I can watch Fire walk with me and season Im trying to get it over with as quickly as possible


What do you think the chances of this happening are?

The Actual Charlton Heston

I hope I one day have the self confidence to grow a soul patch, look in the mirror, and say, This is good, Youre killing it with this soul I hope also to at that moment find the courage to exile myself as penance for what Ive


He even copied his god damn resume!


I love how off the mark Captain N was with some of their Id totally play a remake of Mega Man with their versions of the robot This was how they imagined

Czar Kazem

Occams got me in the When was in college my commute was just long enough to where I could put this song as I was leaving and it would finish as I was parking on #HevyDevyToid


Does anyone on here pay to participate in an early access game? I dont mean founder pack stuff in F2P titles in Dead Cells, for There is so much to play, I cant imagine buying an unfinished game, playing it, then playing it again


Does Slime-San get enough love? If not, heres what I have to Slime-San is a bloody brilliant

Virtua Kazama

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Sonic Mania! Part 5 is out!


This is making me actually want to play I’m not super into the smash style fighters, but I love Shovel knight and he looks super


In the spirit of Shades I dont think I ever properly introduced the love of my Meet Ive played games a long time, but I didnt consider myself a gamer until late in Cars was always my Love getting my hands


After two absolutely soul crushing days over the weekend, I overrate a bunch of Indian food and I feel Life is

Raiku Destructoids Champion

SMT x DOOM crossover when?

Forever Dere

#Confessiontoid Hanging with a girl in college I ate a block of cheese from her fridge while she was I blamed her I then farted away the night and blamed the I then exploded in her toilet and left without warning Im not proud


I finally did it! I beat Dead Cells for the first a build that I honestly didn’t think was going to make All I had to do was follow the game’s sage advice:


Oh snapcubes sonic voice is fun to listen to:


Update on Milla the puppie: Taking care of her is really taking a toll on my gaming On the other hand:


I love learning about American


#Darksiders2 #WhitePeople

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I made Manwiches for dinner! I know its not from scratch but I did add a bunch of stuff to it - onion powder, garlic powder, GOYA seasoning, green peppers, and diced I think it came out well!


This made me really

The Actual Charlton Heston

Yesterday I ate hot wings while I was on the I just thought everybody should know that about Carry on, as you


Going off of my qpost yesterday about Bethesdas legal abuse, I share this I love when this guy comes out to speak about game industry Why? Because hes an actual copyright