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Well there's Hotel Dusk: Room 215 beat. I have now started referring to money as "scratch." What an endearing enjoying title.


I've loved fighting games my whole life but I can't play them for shit, it really is a curse lol


I was able to reset the timer using that famous computer magic! I can stream it again! Time to explore! ... and only maybe worry about finishing it a second time, third time, etc.


Watching Pan’s Labyrinth for the first time, and I think the faun has the best costume/makeup/prosthetics I’ve ever seen. Edit: Alright this film was pretty fantastic.


Played the RE2 demo over the weekend. The game's going to be amazing, but was slightly disappointed there was no dramatic voice over on the title screen that went "Resident Evil...TWOOO...".


My Top 10 Movies of 2018

Last week I wrote a blog about my top TV of 2018. Before that I wrote a blog about my favorite games and music of 2018. I'm finishing off this trilogy of blogs with a look at my favorite new movies of 2018.  It was a huge yea...


New Year New Destructoid Draws! I've overthrown Bass and will be the new host! The theme is, Out with the old, in with the new. Details in the comments! Deadline is 25JAN19 Bump: 11 days to sign up and make your arts!


I’m moving in just under two weeks. It’s a bigger place in a better area for the same $ which is all great. What isn’t great is having to pack and rent a truck and haul the washer and dryer from the basement. Moving sucks.


You ever just get a random childhood memory pop up every once in awhile? Story about my trip to the P.T. Barnum circus with my aunt amd her husband (uncle?) in the comments.


Hey guys, I just wanted to show off where I work to all of you. It js a pretty cool job, even if the pay is shit. More images below.


Hey guys, I just wanted to show off where I work to all of you. It js a pretty cool job, even if the pay is shit. More images below.


At the half way point in Mario & Rabbids. The movement is awesome. Dashing an enemy, entering a pipe, dashing into another enemy, entering another pipe, team jumping up a ledge and onto an enemies head, then landing crit to knock said enemy out of bounds.


It's almost midnight and I'm craving fried eggs and toast. What is wrong with me?


So here's a curious question: I finally caved and bought a switch, and I'm looking for a game to download; however seeing as I very much prefer to own my media physically, what are some good download-only games for the Switch?


Since Ace Combat 7 is right around the corner here's a helpful summary of the PS2 trilogy.


Played the Resident Evil 2 demo. Oh lordy, does it ever tickle my gooch. I can't wait to buy the game when it comes out.


A Hat in Time's fourth level is fantastic! I'm so glad I picked this game up.


GM and I are gonna be trying to play A Way Out very soon, streaming for your enjoyment of course. I'm pretty buzzed already, so if I get too drunk and rowdy for you just close the stream. It won't be like you'll be watching anything good anyway


Limo and I will be throwing ourselves at the mercy of the man who notoriously cried "fuck the oscars" and be playing A Way Out shortly. So join us for that, if we can get everything working which is never guranteed.



Electric Reaper

The longer the Drumpf shutdown continues, the worse its affects on the USA will The border wall is a fucking stupid idea and an absolute waste of Drumpf and his cronies need to give up on that damned thing and just reopen the


His name was Robert


Does anyone have an opinion on the Atelier games? Ive never really heard anything about them but Ive seen them


Pooped at the store, and the motion detector flushed it while I was still


Comes out in April!!!!!

Electric Reaper

So, Vert from the Neptunia series clearly has a thing for short and petite


Me offering my friends

Rad Party God

I havent been gaming much aside from The Messenger on my laptop, but Lets just say Ive been a bit

Pixie The Fairy

Because I wasnt a fan of the dorky Blue Mage armor, I planned out my look last night on Red Mage before the job released this morning, I just like the FFXI/FFTA Blue Mage look better than the FFV Shame we get a cane and not a scimitar,


Im glad I said I was 95% with my anime schedule

CaimDark Reloaded

Out of curiosity, any particular reason why PS2 emulator requires you to extract or download the PS2 bios, which cant be legally provided, and PSP and Gamecube/Wii emulator has no such requirement?

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I just had the most disorienting and kinda-insulting 30 minutes Deets


Im still upset that Assassins Creed 3 (and no entry since) has taken place entirely in the present day in a modern

Silver twoso

Im so sick of writing for my ethics class

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Wendys Account isnt the best at shade BK is truly


This appeared on my Facebook feed Now, more then ever, I wish they would make a sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Over the Top’

Silver twoso

I feel like everyone who doubted me when I first said switch would likely get an upgrade are feeling more and more foolish

Nathan D

T-minus a couple of days until Ace Combat


2003 came over for a After the mandatory introductory kickflips and rap number, I was told that this is 9/10 experience by the people behind Soul Colour me And filled to the brim with

Electric Reaper

So, after I took my mother to her doctor appointment, we stopped for One of the WiFi networks I found there was clearly named after an Archer

On Air Fish

Finished Donut County (thoughts in the The Messenger downloading now!


If I set my Smash Bros Ultimate to Japanese language, will the audio change with it? I remember Melee allowed I just want to hear the Japanese version of the opening, which just sounds better


Help settle a discord dispute for best video game


Can we get a DToid group for regular TTT or other such games? On, oh, I dunno, Fridays?

CaimDark Reloaded

It seems my state had the first night without any terrorist attacks in two


Just started season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Im loving how far this storyline has They keep it really funny


A small GIFest just in time for Gundy and his favourite The bigger Christmas one might have to wait till GIFs on the comments as (Also, Ive hired a totally real lawyer to prevent Torchie from suing me for libel, just in case)


The new update is out for BFV! SMGs got them sweet buffs while my Tommy Gun got its second


So theres rumors of a new Batman game Supposedly going to be based on the Court of Owls story Might be an Arkham game, might not I would rather it not That series should stay

Pixie The Fairy

I am one with the cactuars

Raikus Magical Holidays

Spider-Man: Far From Homes trailer confirmed for me that I wont be seeing it in I dont deny that Homecoming was a good movie and a good MCU But it was imo a bad Spider-Man movie and Far From Home looks

Major Toms Coffee Cup

I know the general consensus is that FFXV is kind of a mess, but im enjoying it so far, and honestly find it more enjoyable than some other open worlds ive Gameplay is enjoyable


Star Fox 64 3D is finally a budget title in the US! It was only a 3DS launch game so better late than never!


You all are a bunch of fucking weirdos and I love


How i started my day No sir that flash drive wont work in your computer, you are Honestly though the main reason it wont work is because youre trying to plug it in the Ethernet slot


Having seen Spider-verse, I have to say this isnt quite doing it for The Europe angle seems counter-intuitive to Got excited for Sandman, but its actually the Elementals (who Ive never heard of) and Final beat is funny


95% sure I have my anime schedule locked in for this


Im so glad theyre making more while Tomil is physically capable of But I have no idea how they could top the last Maybe he goes to space?


Dragon Marked for Death we want youuuuu!


Hey, look, a charity stream!

Silver twoso

I hate when this happens

sp testure

So after binge watching the second series of Castlevania I decided I need some more vampire action in my life and I highly recommend Sirius the




Cant believe were just nine weeks out from Sekiros Besides the initial trailer and the short demo Ive seen nothing from the So excited :)


Im okay with

Electric Reaper

I got Cowboy Bebop for Christmas because I heard its similar to Outlaw I really liked Outlaw Star, but really how similar are the 2 shows?


Dusk is better than Quake, nothing is better than Dusk comes close, and I am not finished with Dusk This game is Please play Years from now, you will be watching a Youtube channel telling you how it was Get in