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A friend gave me this as a belated birthday present. Holy hell I love it!


On last night's VF5FS stream, SEGA followed me on Twitch.


Another slightly belated Happy Birthday to Destructoid mainstayer Kerrik52. Thanks for all of your ongoing support buddy, hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


Sorry it's a little late, but Hap-Happy Birthday to super-veteran Dtoid doode GajKnight! Hope you had an awesome weekend buddy! :)


I BUSTED my ass all weekend long to get this skin! But It finally just happened. Took winning 8 games, no easy feat. (And 2 free Crowns from the season pass track thing.) I can say this, I think I'm a helluva lot better at this game now than before.


Behold ma mere's baking skillzzz!!! (This is for my Grandma's 96th Birthday)




Took the pup for a walk, got the new fridge installed, and went on a 16 mile bike ride. Games and movie are my plans for rest of the day.


Estou recebendo molho esta noite! (I hope Google translate did not mess this up too much)


Been a while since I uploaded here, been doing commission stuff, did a sketch recently of my Monster Hunter character Mia


Dear video games, stop making me kill animals for upgrades and progress. Thank you much.


Huge leak, exclusive to the Dtoid community. This is my gift to you lovely people. SO, the PS5 is going to cost money. Lots of it. Want more? The Series X is also going to cost money. Lots of money. You’re all welcome.


Got tired of being a short catgirl, so now Faeona is Whispering Willow, a 7'3" Roegadyn.


I read this book called "This Is How You Lose The Time War" and... I'm in love with it! Time travel + romance + poetic writing = perfection! I can totally imagine a game based on this story! =3 Has anyone read it?


My wife just informed me that it's International Cat Day on social media or something. To not miss an opportunity to celebrate our feline overlords, here's my precious Floki and Freyja. Donations of snackies, pen caps, and cotton swabs are appreciated.


I don't normally like to spoil anything from my future articles, but this image was burned into my brain and now you must suffer too.




Going back to Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 has shown me what its suppose to play like and its such a night and day I feel bad for anyone experiencing this game for the first time in such a broken

Kevin Mersereau

I’m watching Pacific Rim for the first time, and it is insanely Giant robots giant monsters = a good time!


Just wanna make a shoutout to any artists here who can actually draw hands good, you guys are so talented

Uncle Arena Fighter

Finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and the OG compilation Movies had some ROUGH editing, but the writing still shone Glad The Origin had villain introductions to make up for the films lack Also, GEEZ,


A package I ordered months ago has been in the weirdest mail trip I cant even remember where it started, but it eventually went to Singapore, then took a month to come from Singapore to New York and now its decided to

Dennis Carden

A friend gave me this as a belated birthday Holy hell I love it!

Dangus Taargus

I gave up a couple years ago trying to get No One Lives Forever to run on my Well, today, with the right mixture of the NOLF-Modernizer patch and DGVoodoo that shit finally works properly! I hear this is a classic, always wanted to try


Just gonna go ahead and post this for the #Faceyourart challenge but I realized everything is kinda ugly :T oh well, nothing to do but going at it


Man Im constantly being reminded of that old Tumblr post that gave the best advice: Dont trust people who likes to debate politics for


Drawfee exclusive look at the new Flintstones


Man, everything fun needs power: video games, internet, tv, sex


I think the music in Tropico 6 was designed to get stuck in your head so you couldnt stop thinking about the game and never leave no matter how much you want


As an American who was barely old enough to understand DOS before that went away and is trying to convince myself that Id make a decent computer scientist, I have a kind of want for


Gomenasai! (Seriously, sorry for the poor

Anthony Marzano



Dauntless by Phoenix Labs abd epic games free to play cross platform PS4 XBOX PV and Nintendo switch


Of all the celebrities that died in my life time, age 36, I miss Raul Julia the I love his eyes so much, they were incredibly I mean, look at this hottie

Virtua Kazama

Travel back to 1988, where a young Kazuma Kiryu made his mark in the mean streets of Going live with Yakuza 0!

Yue chan

My center of gravity has So now I have trouble getting up after sitting on the #pregnantlife I’m not even halfway done 😭


Man these Pokémon games are getting

Queen of Philosophy

Started watching The Man in the High Castle and what a wonderful surprise - Shang Tsung is part of the cast! Will he steal the soul of all his German enemies?

A Luigi Fanatic

Current status:


Theyre still doing it! Bless these

The Actual Charlton Heston

No context? No context fucking needed, home slice:


PSA - VerizonUp is apparently giving away access to Avengers Beta WITH a free full game download on Go to the VerizonUp app and scroll to the bottom for whatever their super reward category 5k codes I just got

Electric Reaper

Monster Girl Monday


For the gentlemans gentleman that needs a good [email protected]$%@ so it can %$#@$ twice the size of #$%## and then will ^^%%## all up in her $#$%# at the size of a Just for the guy on the go who has to catch some flights and get his %$#$ done


Do vampires get periods? #InspiredByLimosPost

Steel Squirrel

Just found a random code for a PS4 bundle of Grim Fandango Remastered, The Bards Tale, and Posting code in the Let everyone know if you grabbed Thanks!

Virtua Kazama

On last nights VF5FS stream, SEGA followed me on


Had crawfish for the first Not Not great, but not Still a bit aesthetically unpleasing and very little meat to be had, but it packed quite a bit of Glad I enjoyed since I still have like four and a half pounds of


75,000 people in my town with no Of course this is the day my dad drives 5 hours to help me rehome one of my Oof


Not sure its a good thing I cant think of any movie, game, book, TV series, food, activity or music that I could call my favourite that I


Avengers has a whole character locked behind your console Skins locked behind your mobile network and One with the kind of gum you Can the AAA video game industry crash and burn already?


As of next week, my first thesis aims experimentation and wet work stuff should be about done, meaning I can write it up and start preparing figures Exciting


Why do people get so uppity about fictional characters? theyre not We all know theyre not real, right?


Apparently BBCs Discworld series The Watch is in active production and I probably shouldnt say it looks like shite before the trailer launches but Im feeling really pessimistic about I just read Fifth Elephant and loved it gonna play Discworld Noir



Czar Kazem

Fall is coming and Ive been thinking a lot about horror movies as the mood is starting to overtake me What piece of horror media do you think has scared you the most?


This made me

Dr Mel

This is your occasional Pedant Reminder that a song must contain singing


TLOU2 question in

Pixie The Fairy

I can only see Lalafell if I sit down


These days, Ive been looking forward more to my Thursday dating But its Monday, so heres a review for Game Dev Which, I guess is, like, a retro review

Chris Moyse

Another slightly belated Happy Birthday to Destructoid mainstayer Thanks for all of your ongoing support buddy, hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


Currently playing Overwatch with friends a few nights a It helps me deal with anxiety and depression, especially during this I am also trying to finish RDR2 (about 60%), but I find the game a bit slow


Good morning, whats your favorite screencap from Jims excellent new Jimquisition?


Recently found this guy MeatCanyon (well, small group of people) on Youtube, recommended to me after watching the Spongebob His stuff ranges from just funny (this one) to pretty dark, but its usually funny either This one is a favorite for m