On PCI: The Crew 2's All of America map forgot Alaska and Hawaii

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Representation of Bass's time travel antics.


I still have no idea what I'm doing but BlazBlue Cross Tag is so much fun, I even won 2 online matches! This is probably the most satisfying moment I've ever had gaming though https://twitter.com/Big%20/status/1011385398201729026?s=19


A timeline of the Bass Cinematic Universe

The last thing you'd want in your community blog section is some jerk's elaborate lore. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. [2015-12-15] Bass surfaces on Destructoid, reappearing for the first time on Destructoid under a n...


Apparently I had stopped Dark Souls 3 before the end. I believe I was paranoid I'd missed something and wanted to be thorough. Missed a bunch! Including 2 bosses and the alt firelink. So I'm gleefully resuming to completion my playthrough!


Bass is time traveling and upvoting posts from 2 years ago. Keep on keeping on baby <3


I'm Jiraya, and this is Tonkatsu day!


I saw the new uniforms for the Space Force, and it left me all starry-eyed.


I so want this to happen. He has earned it.


This is so accurate y'all


Friend told me a couple weeks ago he wanted to set me up with a co-worker, got her checking out my Twitter page, then told me yesterday she's down for a double date AND I'M STILL TOO NERVOUS TO MESSAGE HER AND SAY HI. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.


I've finally bought a replacement for my 6-year old gaming notebook. PC gaming, I'm back baby!! Or will be, hopefully sometime next week. More in the comments.


Today I found the fattest pigeon when I was walking on my way back to work after my lunch break


THE Switch Flip Grip is financed! If you were on the wall over it now Now is a good moment to jump in!


Today on 'Bass Goes Digging For Gold'...


If you receive strange Disqus notifications from me, I've been browsing some of my old quickposts to pick up bits and pieces of lore. I'm not Upvotebot!


What's the happiest game you've ever played?


Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is one of the best Zelda games ever. I'm about 50 hours in and showing no signs of stopping. My wife and I just love it!


Eurogamer reports Telltale is finally ditching its ancient engine. That's the most exciting Telltale news I've heard in years.


Surprisingly, this game isn't played up as a joke and is, in fact, more fleshed out and fun than it has any right to be. Had a great time! The game's been updated since Dtoid's review, as expected, and that's always good to see!




In conjunction with Kevlarmonkeys post, Space Marine Heroes is getting a global launch! (Pic semi related :P)


Do gamers still buy Xbox? If so why? Xbox lacks exclusive games


Well, the True Facts series is Gotta say, did not expect a new one ever


Assassins creed origin has a lacklustre combat I remember it being much better before in AC2


Netflix cancelled The Joel McHale show :(


Theyve finally jumped the Byeeeeeee!


Finally had a victorious run in Enter The Gungeon! Victory screenshot in

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido for 3DS is on Thats a good price for it so soon!

CaimDark Reloaded

This week I knocked 3 games off the Feels good!

Electric Reaper

My calico cat Baset just brought in an adult vole for her kittens, and one of her tabby kittens is eating the Shes such a good


Nintendo Switch🤞🙌👌PEACH BALL

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

This time, as Sakura Ill figh- shes not in this

J Jason Rodriguez

Got this up on our sister site PC Invasion: you guys, what was your “Gjallarhorn Moment?”


Got rocket league for Yeah, pretty enjoyable game


Krampus is one of the best monster Dont look me in the


Not hearing alot of chatter on here for Who is excited? Who is getting it day I will be Really want to support Tomb Maybe ill grab it in But it looks awesome! Even if he is defecating on Aretha Franklins


My cat is super on heat and screaming at the top of her lungs Its confusing the fuck out of the possums who live in the tree out the The vet here isnt free to do a desexing for another 2


Sorry for being late, but Maverick just got teased/announced for Rainbow Six Siege Gosh hes actually pretty damn Like a total pretty

J Jason Rodriguez

This was my favorite Carpool Karaoke of all time growing up as a fan of Beatles Corden will also have a mini-docu/behind-the-scenes with Paul McCartney on CBS next Cant

CaimDark Reloaded

Until Dawn is surprisingly good, and really drives home the need for Telltale to significantly upgrade their else played it and how did your playthrough go?


Persona 5 beaten after 111 hours! What a great, if bloated The first palace and the time management sucked, the plot cheated for a twist, the music was ok, its style is amazeballs, fusion is finally good and Makoto was best Onto the next JRPG!


This brought back a lot of great memories! And, I need to watch Action Point! His final injury story about that was That adorable laugh at the end,


So, Pokemon GO is now scanning Android phones for evidence of being That includes viewing folders that are well outside its storage If you have an Android phone with Pokemon GO on it, uninstall it right now!




Please lick me some more daddy! Danganronpa


Watched the first episode of Disenchantment, and so far it feels like the closest thing Ill ever get to an Oglaf I wasnt expecting to like it this


Ive never really seen any of the Mission Impossible movies besides the first one but I got invited to see Would I need to see any of the previous films before this one or is it fairly standalone?


A Well-known Stranger is probably one of my darkest Album art by The character from Trigger/Divide, Detective Grayson, ends up in prison for murdering his


Youre weird


PSA: Forza Horizon 2 and all its DLC is getting delisted on Sept That said, the only DLC worth getting is the Storm Island Suspected this would happen, like it did when FH1 was put on GwG like 2 is right


Rest in peace you magnificent Rest in

Marcel Hoang

If you downloaded the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo, have you beaten Valstrax left? I He feels like Nergigante from the beta: way more HP then what you’re outfitted to take down, but Valstrax is a cool elder

Dennis Carden

Went out to see It was definitely a well-made movie that was worth I also picked up this:

Boxed Swine

I hate having to get cash from the If only there was a way to print money at

Kevin Mersereau

I just picked up this movie on Blu-ray today, and I can’t believe I’ve made it this long without hearing about (Video probably NSFW)

Electric Reaper

Wow, someone actually decided to enter that contest for that Colbert is


Awwww My buddy is throwing a midnight movies party, and Upgrade is first on the Bringing carnitas and a few beer Havent heard much about the film besides Upgrade is This night took a quick turn for the


Just re-watched Infinity That film is


The Evil Within 2 is maybe the most underrated game of this If you havent played it, jump on it asap because its bloody

Mike Sounders

Me during part of Slenderman


Spoiler What section of the Hollow Knight world is double jump in?


Its like they


I Kill Giants was very good, I just wasnt expecting, so many,

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Im drunk, but fuck micolash(sp) on newgame +

Mike Sounders

Can confirm, Slenderman is Was good for a couple of laughs at how bad it was


Is PAX West any good? Im thinking of doing an impromptu plan to go there (and yes it will include looking for badges as the ones in the main site are long I pulled off an impromptu GenCon last year, I wonder if I could do the same this


Well, Im playing Uncharted: Lost Legacy I should be playing Octopath instead, but my depression has decided to ruin that game for me at the Lost Legacy is one of the only games that sounds good to me right now, so Lost Legacy it is!

Churros Hunter

A wild Alphadeus song has appeared!


I have a code for Battlefield 1 (Xbox One) and its of no use to Might as well pass it on to someone else before the game If redeemed, please let everyone yourselves out, fellas: QC3MF MMJQ4 24HTQ 9GYQQ KGHGZ