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Just got out of a late night shower and didn't even think of having a shower beer until I sat down. I feel like I'll regret this until the day I die.


Caved and got DQXI. i held out a few months and for that i am proud.


It was very different from the original, but I rather enjoyed FLCL Alternative, even more than Progressive. Have a sketch of Pets, whose actual name I forget! Hands are hard...Bump!


I finally finished Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. I thought it was sad, clearly a ton of work had been put into it, the voice-acting alone must have used a small army, but not all that work was wanted, then Warner Bros got greedy and poisoned the well.


It has been super rainy so I spent the day playing games and actually building the stuff I've bought. This little guy is almost done, just needs lining and topcoat. It's cute but weird because the head looks 100x better than every other part of it...


Oh jeez, Im dying. This made my day.


Tonight's specialty: A lactose brewed porter with hints of coffee, vanilla and orange. A real treat, this one! #Beertoid


I hope everyone's having a great weekend! Just posted my first cblog recap in over a year, and man was I rusty. Doing these is not easy -- lots of love to all regular recappers and bloggers :)


What is a shoe repairman's favorite dessert? Cobbler.


Cblogs of 10/28 to 11/03 + Lost Levels

It's started snowing outside. You won't hear me sing the cold's praise for too long after the holidays, but we're still in that charming period where everything looks brand new. In a way, seeing the world outside get covered like that...


Great funeral and there was a parade happening outside and we could hear it the whole damn time. It was awesome. Learned some fun facts. I'll carry on the name with pride, Holly. Also, sorry for the vyvanse-fueled onslaught as of late. Love u guys!


Just a reminder for folks out there who use social media. If sum1 posts a lot of memes or inflammatory stuff, check their acct's replies. Even if you might agree, use critical thinking. Try & spread this message of receipt checking to ppl u know.


I did up a new original track, intended to be an alternative dungeon tune for Adachi from Persona 4!


Just bought a 4K HDR TV and Dark Souls III on PC...I wanna stay home and forget work.


Mass Effect 1 is done! I'm glad to say time didn't change my opinion of it, it's still fantastic, and by the time I heard Shepard's final speech I was smiling ear to ear and feeling like going out and looking for some reapers to kick their ass!


Realized I forgot to mention this one. This was also released today in 1993, 25 years ago. Midnight & Low End Theory often are argued back & forth as to which is ATCQ's best album.


I mentioned it on the NIS post, but I love my Vita. Was able to snag a copy of Ravi-Ribi from LRG to add today


When life gives ya lemons, ya gotta make lemonade. Right now my lemonade is "playing Yakuza Kiwami two weeks earlier than I thought I'd have the time to" flavor.


I've started working on my entry for Destructoid Draws. I haven't drawn anything in almost 20 years so I'm sure it'll turn out great.


One of the seasonal hires went out of her way to talk to me a few times today and seemed to have committed my name to her memory. Also she's cute. Today's been weird. (700th qpost!)



Chris Moyse

Never forget these MK4 endings,

Riff Raff

Have a great Sunday #Striptoid!

Electric Reaper

If the HDMI ports on a TV are set to Bitstream, but the Blu Ray player connected to it is set to PCM, could that cause problems during DVD playback?

Mike Sounders

Joker in Smash is the meme well that keeps on

Gus TT Showbiz

Non pun post: GM streamed Borderlands 2 today and generously allowed me and Matt to join in the shenanigans!


I finished World of Goo again and Im sorry to see they disconnected the Tower of Goo sharing system, where you could see the towers of goo everyone else built, because that was fun to check Now no one will see my goo


Is that Blue Steel?


A Melissa McCarthy movie last night and Bird Box One movie featuring a horrible monster that makes people want to kill themselves when you see it, the other stars Sandra


Nightcore is just a song sped But that simple edit can completely change the feel and energy of the I was into it in the early Youtube days so hearing this was #musictoid | Getter Janni - Rockefeller Street (#rockefellerstreet Remix)


2 things: Thing 1, what the Hell kind of ending was that for The Heist?! Thing 2, I MUST have misread that trophy name because it was dumb when I made that joke to myself! Bonus thing: Screwball challenges were I still hate the Taskemaster


I got a triple


Man, I really hope they add more VR missions to They alone make it a contender for my


Saw Dragon Ball Super: Best Dragon Ball thing since Will be disappointed if future anime look Also, pretty sure they used the FighterZ engine for some


They thought theyd got

Electric Reaper

Could a Blu Ray player hooked up to a HDMI ARC port on a 4K TV cause audio skipping when playing a Blu Ray DVD?


I was wondering do we have a DTOID Master Birthday List like the Contact list? If not, I could make a blog so we can keep People can comment their birthdays here if you want BUMP!


I’ve been considering which horror villain would be best for MK XI, and I think I’ve decided on The Concept of Racism from Get

Boxed Swine

U wot m8?


I held off playing the RE2 demo because I didnt want to know how Capcom had fucked up another PC port but then I started playing it and it worked and I want it why wont they tell me what the difference is between standard and deluxe editions,

Punished Nietzsche

Tales of Vesperia has a World thats a nice And so far, impressions are pretty I see now why it been regarded as the best Tales game, and Yuri is an awesome main character :D

Rad Party God

Yup, sign is there for a

CaimDark Reloaded

Third game of the year, DOOM, is done! It was a good idea to try again on PC after it didnt really click on PS4, a fast-paced shooter like that feels much better with a trusty I didnt love Doom as much as most, but mechanically its


Happy Birthday um *reads Larry, grizzly bear, mexican food and the buddha?


30 years or so ago Jump had a Dragon Quest The main character of that manga was just confirmed for Jump My interest in this game just rose Also


Im really into Ace Combat 7 so The multiplayer is solid, and the campaign is a lot of fun!


Tell me your


I went to check out Larxs profile and noticed it says Gone and, with luck, eventually Did something happen? or am I way out of the loop here?


Pretty scary when even WB checks in on a


Brothers in Arms series is on GOG! Cheap for all 3 too!

sp testure

Platinumed Everspace, I love this game so Thank you Rockfish for making it!


Hey now, long time, Just saw this story of a teen in Dallas missing, now Who does he look


So Ghostbusters 3 is a thing that is happening on On one hand Im glad they steered away from the 2016 One the other hand Indiana Jones 4 proves that even the best intentions can go horribly


I decided to give No More Heroes 2 a So far, the minigames have been more fun than the actual


I colored a It was

Silver twoso

I was leaving an art museum and was inspired to take a pretentious picture to match how awful 90% of modern art is


Ill admit, this idea was funnier in my

CaimDark Reloaded

Gee, I wonder if theres a boss just beyond that


It was time for Thomas to He had seen


It’s been a while since I watched an irredeemably terrible movie, but Melissa McCarthy’s “Life of the Party” was I can’t remember seeing such an unfunny “comedy” in a really long Avoid at all costs!


Okay so my stream for today is going to have to be Between an internet tech Im waiting for and some cleaning I gotta do for tonight, itll be easier for Sorry if thats annoying to anyone!

Dangus Taargus

How is Tales of The Abyss for 3DS? Im thinking of mopping up some of the retail only 3DS games I still havent played, but was only somewhat interested in, or hadnt Ive only played the GameCube one,

Nathan D

Oh man, the soundtracks really good too, and this is just the theme to the first I seriously got chills at around Welcome back, Ace

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

*Jumping Around intensifies*


I was remembering the cutscenes in Those things were crazy long even by JRPG


Spatz be the only cat I know that likes belly I know I have been posting a lot of cat They are warming up to the kid, so they are not hiding as


Hes still a little upset we had to have him shaved #notacaturday


Who do you guys think would win in a fight? Elephant#80 or elephant#94 ?