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Ever celebrated the birthday of an anime character? No? Well today's the day, judgy looks from other people be damned!


Speaking of science going too far, I watched the first episode of Steins;Gate 0. Okabe is considerably more mellow now it seems... Also rewatching FMP in prep for Invisible Victory. All three seasons still hold up really well.


Did we science too much??


Well, that's a tiny slip up.


Hope you all have a really great, fun weekend. Make the most of it and, if you can, make the most of yourself x


#selfitoid Just a few weeks more and I can game like a teenage god again \o/


I'm working on a sf v character guide for Sakura and I can't wait for the anniversary collection to come out.


Tonight we learned that if a strange white woman offers you drugs that you should say no. You say no, miss, I do not want those drugs. They make people silly and I'm a serious person.


HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH (any excuse to post this gif)


Romans were this close to inventing Dungeons and Dragons.


Somehow I hadn't heard about that street fighter 30th collection. I'm super excited for that, especially for alpha 3 (Sakura!) and third strike. I'm making someone else get good at mark of the wolves w/ me so I think those skills will transfer.


So, maybe this is old news by now, but if you listen to the lyrics of this song, it's about Nintendo's role in escapism. It's like the toys at the end of Labyrinth saying "But, should you need us..." It's actually really touching, in that light.


Just spent the last 3+ hours chatting and playing some Overwatch with some friends of mine! Haven't talked with my them since my mental condition worsened and I lost most my confidence. Felt so great! Also, just pre-ordered GoW and this guy looks OP.


I wish we could get another good 007 game. I'd settle for an OK one honestly. But I do miss that series


Shout out to Gamemaniac3434 for loaning me the items I need to progress Warframe and Limomaker for being the comedic foil that has latched onto him.


Why yes, I do have a zeus miniature. This one is from hero forge! First time ever using em an they are A-Ok!


Teaching your slinky new tricks is like spring training.


Anyone miss out on grabbing a SNES Classic? Cuz' availability has basically stopped being an issue.


Been a long damn week, but its finally over as I got out earlier than normal and I have no work tomorrow. Going to just enjoy my free time, keep playing stardew valley because that games pure unadulterated cocaine and play with limo, bad as he is at games




#Confessiontoid I enjoyed playing Mass Effect Andromeda and think that Anthem looks like a tons of Im looking forward to building and exploring in Fallout

Rico the Penguin

I do kinda wish that editing qposts didnt move them to the top of the Id rather it be done with a bump

CaimDark Reloaded

According to Breitbart, Trump caved to left wing hatred by pledging to end family was a was kinda He obviously felt it was costing him politically, but I didnt think his base had enough humanity left to car


So I watched Hereditary earlier today which is fine because I read the Goetia when I went through that phase as a teenager but I was kinda unsettled to see a dead bird in the middle of the sidewalk when I left the Piss off Paimon! Belial for Life


Ive been playing Infamous Second Son this Great I feel like I remember people trashing it at the time, but it was a lot of Not bad for a launch


Idea for a writing / DND prompt: You discover an entire town that is made up out of Incredible Hulks, five years after the initial bomb

Rad Party God

Welp, turns out the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailers spoil almost the entire Thats nice, they just saved me a movie ticket, gonna wait for it to come out on Netflix or In fact, I should rewatch the first one or even Lost


Cool, Destructoid is still a


Dear Satan, please make it so the Eternal in Doom Eternal means that we get source code and Your puppet Hugo Martin hath said that id are giving us what we Make it (also it should be Eternal Doom)


Bloodborne feels like validation


I think ive just about reached peak Fortnite Switch I dont have much left to do before I get The Visitor skin, but I feel like Ive done most of what i want to Unfortunately, that crummy shooting and lack of gyro controls really hurts

The Actual Charlton Heston

New teaser for Nightmare Cops,


Finished up Battletech last With that and DQ Builders done, my backlog beckons to I feel like the prettiest girl at the

Electric Reaper

Bunny Girl Wednesday


TIL Windjammers is on


#Confessiontoid I like Paladins more than


Confessiontoid: Ive yet to play a 2D platformer than can eclipse the greatness of Super Mario World, and Ill most likely never


Incredibles 2 was overhyped and remarkably Glad I watched it, had fun, but it wasnt near Incredibles 1


Gamestop has a deal on select #notMyBattlefield


Life can really knock you on your Sometimes you just need a little


#confessiontoid huh? I choose Triss over Yennefer every


“They wanna open borders where everyone can just ‘flow in’ said a fish-lipped orange dipshit to live TV, as he bowed under to the pressure of everyone turning against him and his dumb inhumane immigration policy <3

Princess bong264

Apparently this fat hairy caveman might actually be a disney First a bird showed up at my window a few months ago and now this fucking squirrel shows up side eyeing Now I wait for a deer to start head butting my window some time from


#confessiontoid I like all of JcDents posts, even the 60% of them that I dont

Shut Up Ace

I used to make AMVs years ago and Ive found that because of that, whenever I listen to a song, I still try and think of scenes that could go well with Listening to Infinites theme from Sonic Forces really makes me want to start making them

CaimDark Reloaded

If I buy a gaming laptop with a GTX 1050, can I expect to at least run current games at PS4 quality, meaning 1080p30fps?


That Game Over shirt always did irk Would definitely sport a New Game +

Anthony Marzano

Iran put up a hell of a fight against Spain Was pulling for them but ultimately skill won Hope the round of 16 doesnt turn out to be nothing but UEFA


Confession: I liked FFXIII


Lycanth Family Holiday 2018


Starting June 25th until supplies run out, KFC is launching Pickle Fried Chicken to its extra-crispy chicken sandwhich There is also Smokey Mountain BBQ, Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ (OH MY This is for you


Im actual trash


I made an Epic Account like 3 years ago, when they were giving Shadow Complex Remastered for But it wasnt worth the barrage of mails about unsuccessful login attempts by freaking Fortnite I got 10 just today!

Dr Mel

Dear Japan: We need to talk about the definitions of the words Brave, Guts and See me after


RIP Leon White, AKA: Big Van One of the greatest big men to ever grace Heaven better be prepared, cause its Vader

Electric Reaper

I know Yahtzee likes to put in various jokes and quips in the credits section of his Zero Punctuation videos, but his E3 2018 roundup video has 2 big paragraphs in the credits that actually mentions critical He has a point about Rage


Do you know that one of the cast of Star Wars consist of two Nintendo characters? #joketoid

Forever Dere

Wes gave me 2 faps yesterday instead of his normal I can only assume one was an accidental fapulation


Though they forgot the ask for more money option in

Rico the Penguin

I hear it on good authority that you can get interest free credit card Now, the actual cards themselves? Insanely high interest The offers though? Smooth as a babys Not a fee in


Man, forget all this Bunny Girl crap, its time for #WesLikesBunnyWomenWednesday


Forcing yourself to finish a game Are there any games that you started out enjoying, but ended up having to force yourself to finish? One recent game I had to push myself to complete: Wolfenstein: New Story was ok, but combat got boring fast


Ancient Chinese wisdom: Never buy a wired Xbox 360 controller until youre completely sure its not #WesLovesBunnyGirlsWednesday




Daddy! #WesAndMostLikelyChrisDoesNotLikeThisWednesday




So exciting