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New Solo trailer, if you haven't seen it yet. It actually looks fun!


I'm feeling downright awful, but I'm going into work anyway. I figure coughing up a storm at work and being paid beats coughing up a storm at home and being stuck with my Stepfather...


Traveller In Playtime - Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3 is a character action game released by Capcom on the PS2 in 2005, and was later remastered for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Switch, PS4 and XONE. It's a prequel to the first game, detailing Dante's awakening as a demon hunter and...


Stumbled upon a gorgeous row of pansies outside my apartment. Always cherished the flower’s association with freethinking, so seeing them near my abode was a sight for sore eyes.


I wrote a blonk about how nice it is to live in an era where you can easily share goofy crap from your video games with anybody. Go read it! I mean, if you want to...


Monday morning is having to stop at a gas station bathroom on my way to work due to a Hershey squirts problem


Welp that WrassleMania sure was a hoot. They did a good job in most areas but overall it was ok. Fun, but ok. Also: 8 hours of wrestling is way too much. They could and should cut down a lot of the fluff.


Football, Tactics & Glory is pretty cool. Football Manager's bastard child with XCOM. About to leave early access. On sale.


Welp. The replies to the discussion regarding the LGBTQ+ representation in Persona 5 in Charlotte's article led me to blocking someone for the first time. I'm not disappointed in this community, just that there's anyone as arrogant and phobic at all here.


Best God of War 3 (remastered) for the first time since release. Man is that a good game. Better than I remembered. Just great pacing and overall polish in almost every regard. The whole opening alone is one of my favorite bits in gaming.


I have two questions to engage you with the FP, but which do you want first? Are you looking forward to Dad of War? Or Have you seen the resurgence for Warframe?


Replace everything but the last line with 'Nep nep' and you have an average PSN conversation between Larx and I.


I'm back on top of this writing thing, I think. I ended up finishing the first part of the "revisiting games" blog series I mentioned earlier today. Soo... card games haven't stolen my entire soul yet! Though I *did* just complete my 4th commander deck.


Bioshock 2 was great! While Bioshock showed the flawed principles behind a totally de-regulated capitalist society, Bioshock 2 showed how collectivist ideas could be just as malicious. Time to check out Minerva's Den.


Nostalgia Trip .01: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

"See you in Rayman 4!" Kids these days don't know how good they have it. Many shout on the rooftops that platformers are the laziest genre, but in my time, these games defined the medium. Back in the 4th generation days, you were on te...


Just a few more weeks... Just a few moooooore.


That Rousey match was the first wrestling match i've saw in years and it was fun as hell. Bloody great match.


Apparently System of a Down's official Facebook page started a countdown last friday, and I'll probably implode due to hype overload if this means a new album coming soon. (picture related)


Meeting Sojiro in P5 game: What an asshole, but I know we’ll warm up. Meeting Sojiro in P5A: Wow, he’s MUCH nicer if not just annoyed.


The Sega CD is infamous for its catalog of cheesy FMV games and unnecessary ports with Redbook audio music, but it definitely was a much more capable piece of technology that was severely underused to it's fullest capabilities at the time.


Ya know why I chose the handle 'Shoggoth'? Because they're celebrated shape shifters. They can change their form in the imperfect, cuttlefish sort of way and anyway I'm using my namesake to officially say that pineapple + pizza = really damn good.


I see that Black Panther has passed Titanic in terms of box office earnings. I finally got to see it with my two oldest boys. It definitely deserves the praise it has received. I really enjoyed it.




Bloodstained Curse of the Moon is easily the best classic My God it makes me


Very sad news about John I actually had an interaction on Dtoid with him and while I cant say it was pleasant, it was a nice surprise and gave me some respect for Regardless of how I felt about his views, he certainly didnt deserve

Double Monocles

I have $26 in 3DS eshop Do I buy Super Mario Land, Pokemon Sapphire, and Earthbound; All the Picross games; or take a chance on Bloodstained Curse of the Moon? Or is there another hidden gem I need to try?


Wild speculation about E3 with a coworker Best crazy idea so far: Paper Mario/Rayman Legends


So Ive just noticed Id even say the Voice is based somewhat on Tracer


Hottest take on Battlefield V coming right up: My apathy is like a black I literally only care that incel historians are I will never play


Why is the Deus Ex Youtube channel uploading all their old Deus Ex development videos? Is it to clear up their something to make room for a new Deus Ex game!?


Its finally over for


John Bain, TotalBiscuit passed away yesterday I knew the cancer had returned but was not expecting to get so bad as quick as it did

Rico the Penguin

Totalbiscuit has passed Seemed like a swell What an awful way to go Like a week or two ago he was talking about how hed spend the rest of his life gaming and relaxing with his Bummed to see he didnt get to do much of

Czar Kazem

Ive been having a pretty good time with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but, man, things start getting REALLY tedious in Chapter And this is mostly my fault, but I just never felt interested in training common Just easy to


Amazon currently has Overwatch: GotY for Link in

Gentleman Beast

Bought Hyrule What did I just do to a dog that just caught a

Electric Reaper

DCs Legends of Tomorrow is like Power Rangers Time Force for teenagers, grown-ups and with a larger


Stop trying to make #notmybattlefield Its not going to

Gus TT Showbiz

Exit sign manufacturers are reporting a shortage of the stencils needed to create the In the meantime, price increases for the signs have become an exit stencil


Leaving a jobs a weird thing, as you come to terms with no longer being somewhere youve spent a long time Leaving a full time job and towns even I feel an odd mix of melancholy and hapiness on my second to last Just a weird


I just got out of Show It was the unedited That was definitely a

Rad Party God

I pulled the trigger on a pair of cheapo headphones ($38 USD), they have a nice classy breathing glow to them and despite their massive size and weight, theyre surprisingly comfortable! Ill keep ya posted after I get to use them for a few




The Memorrhage is slowly coming The sickle-shaped cog fingers, crab claw-ridden tail and cerebral-looking cranium serve as symbolic details that convey the fears of societal and mental restraint embodied by the


Just got an Amiibo box without the Amiibo in the Thanks,


For a while there Mega Man 3 seemed like the easiest of the Then it went “lol you can do without checkpoints before a boss fight right?” That’s okay, Mega Man 3; that just means I no longer like


Aside from nostalgia, how can people like Bruce Faulconers work on DBZ? Seriously It REALLY fucks up the tone,

Drew Stuart

Some of you are likely playing Dark Souls: Good on Me, I just picked up Dark Souls III for I havent played the DLC yet and I hear its Lets hope!


When you are in your new girlfriends bedroom for the first time and you sneak a peek in her top dresser drawer and there is a bottle of #NotMyBattlefield


Man, Im having I need some new Fire Emblem on


Tales of Zestiria beat, 50 JRPGs


Just got back from It certainly didnt do it for me in terms of giving me Han Solo, but it was a pretty good movie tbh, exceeded Also, I did not see THAT Spoilers in comments!


So its do or die time for my If I dont pass smog then my car is officially done since due to California law most catalytic converters are illegal here so Id have to special order one, which would cost a fortune given the year of my


When you find out who put the screw in the #NotMyBattlefield


Oh Link in comments


Mothergunship demo on steam from the makers of Tower of guns i Good fun and gun crafting reminded me of Resonance of

Anthony Marzano

Finally got around to seeing Infinity War My spoilery thoughts in the


I have an interview next week that is a culmination of a whole lot of One that will triple my income with day one benefits and great insurance for me and Not nervous, Just breathing like I am about to kick down a


If yall want to see something funny then I recommend trying to play fifa 18 without It breaks the Like it cant Even the single Even my controller inputs wont EA youre

Wes Tacos

When you feel ok about buying Oreos because theyre certified as #NotMyBattlefield


The demo for Sushi Striker is now up on the European Switch Check it out, its pretty fun! Still features Top 10 Anime OP (masquerading as videogame


When your mom puts your vape pen in the box to go to the #NotMyBattlefield


Heads up: Dark Souls Remastered up on Thought it was for pre-loading, but just booted it up and Good

Pixie The Fairy

Ah, yes, World War II, where the authentic military strategy of loopzooking was born and no women existed at all in any facet of


My sweet baby boy brought me his teddy and God love him!


And so my spring term has I passed all my classes, and now I can take it I have summer classes to get ready for in a few weeks, but for now Im just going to sleep, eat, play video games, and touch my wiener to anime I earned


These must be the horrors of war Ive heard so much


I went from considering ditching my game for next months Band of Bloggers to barely being able to put it It chugged at first, and the frames still dip from time to time, but I think Im slowly falling in love with this

Nathan D



Why is Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle so good? Like, its so much It should not be this Has someone spiked Ubisofts drinks? Even the Rabbids arent as nauseatingly annoying as I thought theyd Weird times

Mike Sounders

PSA: If you get a PM or email from a PR rep to write a blog for their game, you need to ask staff if its ok It is them trying to get around our ToS and can result in the blog being